The Baller Wolf Didn’t Come Out So The Jackal Allegedly Outs Him

NFL: OCT 25 Packers at Brownswhat happens when you promise your alleged undercover lover you will come out,
claim your undying love and be out the closet,
buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut then you renege?
he goes on twitter and the blogs to start outing you.
well allegedly baller snow wolf of the green bay packers,
aaron rodgers,
jackal did just that.
fame driven has the all details from this alleged scandal…

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We are told Kevin Lanflisi acted as Aaron Rodgers “personal manager”, but details are still sketchy on what was the cause of their abrupt split. One of our sources close to the two told us that Aaron was allegedly suppose to be one of the NFL stars to come out the closet during the summer, but backed out last minute which infuriated Kevin and hurt their relationship. We hear Kevin doesn’t even live in Wisconsin anymore, he’s back in California and seems really distraught and upset over whatever break-up he recently had.

To play devils advocate it’s very far fetched and hard to comprehend or believe one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL (Aaron Rodgers) and a hip hop gospel poet (Kevin Lanflisi), both devout Christians, engaged in an alleged homosexual relationship. We just can’t with this notion! Suppose they are just really good friends who happen to room together, but then why would a millionaire star NFL player, such as Aaron Rodgers, live with his “personal manager”, let alone a male roommate?

Aaron’s now 30 years old shouldn’t a wife and family be the future goal? We’re sure many of you shared your high school football championship rings with your male friends and allowed them to take pictures with it.

And Kevin is quite the wordsmith check out his poem “Let It Shine”.

We wonder what he means by his tweet “Silence always comes with an expiration date.”?

tumblr_mxmxeiKaAU1qlutygo1_250“distraught and upset” aka my money has run dry.
lets be real.
well this is still alleged,
but wowzers.
a part of me thinks they were genuine friends,
something went wrong,
jackal got fired,
and he played “we were lovers on the low” card.
the card that will have you exited out the game early.
i won’t cast judgment as yet,
but this should get pretty interesting.
lets hope not messy with the “peanut” like girl games.
fuck around and he do a haiku poem on aaron’s ass.

lowkey: i want to see how this will play out in the white world.
i predict a nice check and a heavy internet sweep.
even if aaron DOES allegedly come out,
jackal won’t have him after this stunt so….
he lost.

tumblr_m8npwlQsKG1qlutygo1_500aaron call me!

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12 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf Didn’t Come Out So The Jackal Allegedly Outs Him”

  1. Wow…you think you know someone. Aaron Rodgers??! Where have I been? BTW, What’s going on with all these athletes getting in these “gay scandals,” we have this guy, Kerry Rhodes, Kordell Stewart and that 18 year old captain who killed his lover–and that’s only Football. To be honest, there’s a lot more where this came from. It’s one of the strange prices for equality, you’re “scandals” become normalized and ran thought the wringer just like Tiger Wood cheating on his wife.

  2. Well, Aaron Rodgers is married or engaged to a woman. On the other hand, you never know what happens behind closed doors.

  3. If this is true, why are they always bitter and then go on an outing spree for someone they supposedly loved.That lets you know they never cared about them to begin with.We know how this works.These men have a career and money to protect.

  4. I see Hollywood done emailed notes on how to out ballers. It could be true it could be faker that a 3 cent coin but I don’t care. Hell can I get a damn baller

  5. Hmmm…..I do not believe this. I do not believe he was one of those players either. Plus, Aaron has a fiancee.We all know that does not mean anything, but if any of those players have or had girlfriends they knew their careers would be in serious jeopardy.

    People have to realize this outing thing is not cool. It took a while for me to believe this, but some athletes are very human, and are just like us regular folks who go to school or work a 9 to 5.

  6. Wow when I tell you I didnt see this coming. Damn 2013 has revealed so much damn Tea that my head is spinning. From football players, pastors, gospel singers. Damn their has been light cast on the darkness. Its so many damn fine ass Black wolves football players that I never ever keep up with what any white ones are doing, but this seems like Peanut 2.0 the Snow White version, one is playing on MTV and the other BET.

    Get ready to see the difference when someone White is outted versus someone Black. Their will be a PR spin, a payout, coverup, denials. Just mark my word, I wonder if ESPN is going to go on overdrive with this. Who am I kidding-Hell No, this is going to go away faster than Cassie’s career. In this tough economy, no damn body is safe, I can only imagine what the hell 2014 is going to bring. Talk about fasten your damn seat belts.

  7. Its going to be interesting to see how this white version of Peanut plays out in the mainstream world.will probably get swept under the carpet.

  8. I’m getting tired of people like Kevin and Hollywood

    They are just doing this with the worst of intentions

    I don’t see Aaron coming out of the closet because he’s the face of his team and the league, there’s too much money on the line that the NFL is not willing to lose. I’m sure they will sweep this under the rug where it belongs.

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