Seth Holbrook Has Something 4U2C

tumblr_lxihzgTRPU1qme46wo1_500everyone meet seth holbrook.
seth has taken his attention whoring to new heights…

look at those pecs.

tumblr_m3mk6maTHC1roaheko1_r2_500_largehe use to be ( x a wrestler ),
currently a ( x pre baller wolf ) for shepherd university,
and is a musician of some sort.
he soon realized that he could make money off the thirsty.
just the NSFW and 18^ way:

tumblr_mfuwyfkZLn1r8h6rlo3_500that got your attention, huh?
i would soooo eat his…
inside voice.
well make that money seth.
don’t let it make you.

lowkey: this should be what happens to all the attention whores.
getting a check from their REAL fan base.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Seth Holbrook Has Something 4U2C”

    1. Jamari, you ol Grinch. You just snatched Christmas. I see you took it off your blogspot, too.

      I’m guessing there has been some back channel convos between you two. Can we get a little tea?

  1. He got a sweet tight piece of man hole….that man he talking to must have had a nut like I did . And those dancing peck, I would sink my lips on them nipples. That’s a fyne piece of man.

  2. I have seen this dude on Tumblr and Youtube and always wondered who he was. He reminds of the former porn star now pro bodybuilder Tyson Kobe they both have that goofy white boy/black boy vibe suburban vibe about them. Both sexy in a different kind of way. Thanks for the video J

    1. ^hey seth!
      nice videos and welcome to the foxhole!
      where i turn every boy into a star.
      refreshments are to your left.
      now will you be doing any sex videos,
      or will you be just a voyeur?

  3. *does black flips all over my house* YES! YES! YES! He got that donkey booty *in my Phaedra voice*

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