The “L” Word Shoulda Stopped Yo Ass From Outing Him Last Night

you get with someone on the d/l….

you know he is d/l.
you maybe aren’t.
he isn’t dating vixens,
but because of insert whatever here,
he can’t be out the closet.
remember that he told you what the deal was.
you agreed to still get with him.
okay so you start dating this man.
he does everything in his power to work around his situation.
he buys you all kinds of shit.
treats your ass like a king.
days turn into weeks.
weeks turn into months.
sooner the “l” word starts coming into the picture.
the “l” word.
for whatever reason,
you and him both break up.
can you explain to me why would you out him?
how could you say you “l” worded someone,
but would betray him by outing him to the world?
why would you do that?
if you willingly get with a d/l man,
and he gets with a female at some point,
what did you expect?
if i “l” word someone,
and i know their secrets and we happen to break up,
bad or not,
i’m not gonna out them.
i may cuss him the fuck out because he was an idiot,
but i’m not gonna blast something we both shared.
maybe i’m different,
but that shit is crazy corny.
the problem with you gay boys is you want that man,
you want that lifestyle,
but you really don’t know how to handle it.
you think you do,
but you don’t.
just my thoughts on these idiot jackals out here.
these social media gays are absolutely pathetic.
before i go,
i’ll play one of my favorites from toni b.
just because:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The “L” Word Shoulda Stopped Yo Ass From Outing Him Last Night”

  1. yeas i mean, im doing all that and im feeling better now, compared to 4 months ago, i coulndnt sleep, so now im back at the gym packing muscle, and ofcourse you are right, i will find someone else, and im getting myself back together, but i wish this process could go faster, thanks for your replay , xoxo !

  2. Jamari is spot on. What goes around comes around. If you you break up remember the joy and keep it moving. Besides if a guy is an asshole with you he will be an asshole with the next person. The gay/DL world is tiny. You dont need to gossip about your ex and put his business out. Believe me a lot of peeps already knew you had a loser before you did. Let Karma Do her thing and sit ba k and watch the fireworks. Speaking from experience.

    1. Omg jamary u saved me from my darkside with this post, I also got out of an relationship with this dl dude im also dl but, to true to be told kinda everybody knew what was happening, between me and him but he is the only dumb who dont realize that, anyway after our break up I was devastated, but I manage to calm down I just didn’t knew what to do emotions got the best of me, so later on he tells me that he is going away with another dude, to the place where I wanted to go with him, 3 weeks after our break up, I wanted to out him soooo bad cause i felt betrayed , and he did more things that i couldn’t believe that he was the guy inonce said that I loved. I knew his family and friends but I thought about all the good times and how their family treated me and I know how it feels when people out you, so I said in the name of the love that I had for him I will suffer in silence and I will let karma do his work, today I wanted to do it, cause I hacked his fb and I got all his chatlogs with the dude, but after reading this u have calmed my inner demon and now I can stay calm and indeed let karma do his work , now im feeling alone and I miss him but its not worth it at all,

      1. ^david.
        thank you for your honesty.
        trust it is NOT worth it,
        plus karma will come back to YOU for overstepping your boundaries.
        im glad you took the choice to leave it alone.
        the foxhole is built on class.
        you will get another and he will be better.
        spray ol dude’s spot with lysol,
        start to go through the process of cleaning him out your mind,
        and dump it all at the curb.
        buy yourself something nice,
        go to gym,
        and become “yeah I moved on fast because you wasn’t shit hoe!” on his ass.

  3. Outing dudes is so cruel and disrespectful. In my opinion, it is the ultimate betrayal. I would never out a dude, especially if I loved him.

  4. Preach!! This is speaking to me today.
    I’m not gonna pass judgement on the jackals and hyenas that do this though.
    I understand wanting someone to hurt as much as they hurt you.
    I understand watching him live this DL lifestyle in front of people and thinking to myself “tuh, if only y’all knew”
    Sometimes we make drastic decisions when we’re mad or hurt. I just got out of a relationship with a DL guy who LIVES by the bible and lives in the church who everybody in this area knows and honestly, I’ve thought about doing that scandalous shit because I’m still hurt by all the shit I found out after he broke up with me. I’m not going to do that though because I do love him and that would just be fucked up to do something like that. I put myself in his shoes and I don’t know how I’d be able to cop if someone betrayed me like that.

    1. ^welcome back f&f!
      i missed ya font!
      i’m glad you didn’t.
      take it from me.
      KARMA always finds a way.
      he will learn.
      it will hurt,
      you will cry,
      but guess what?
      there are about a billion people on this earth who want to meet YOU.
      go see who will take his spot!

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more, Jamari. That stuff is downright foul. And, this is coming from someone who’s out. Many of the brothers with whom I deal are d/l and I respect where they are. They know where I am and if we can manage, cool. If not, cool. But, trust and respect are essential. I deal with people where they are. These ratchet people are self-loathing.

    1. ^they never “l” worded them in the first place oh!
      if i love you,
      and we are in a relationship and we break up,
      that is our business.
      the streets do not need to know what goes down in my home.
      ugh these new hoes are so foolish.

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more J. How can you out someone you claimed to have once loved? I just don’t have it in me to do that. But you know a lot of times, and this is in straight relationships too, pride and jealousy will trump love. People break up and then say “If I can’t have you I’m gonna fuck your life up so you can be as unhappy as I am.” I just don’t see the point though. If you out the man you still gonna be alone. If I break up, even if its a bad one, I’m just gonna move on with my life. I don’t believe in wishing/causing bad things in peoples lives because I’m a firm believer in karma. It will come back to you.

    1. ^karma is so real sam!
      they need to leave the relationships to the experts.
      they can only handle same bend over; different location.
      these d/l also need to stop giving ragga muffins and queens pass.

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