f0xmail: Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow. Should I Shave?


Hey Jamari,

I was talking to a female friend of mine last night and she was telling me that she had to go shave before her man came over. I asked her if that’s what he liked and she said that she didn’t think he really cares but it made her feel sexier. It got me to thinking. Do most wolves like a smooth fox? Is some hair okay? I’m pretty hairy so I have used a body trimmer since I was in high school just because I think it’s cleaner. But I know some foxes who let it stay natural and wild and some who shave everything including their legs. I was just wondering what you and the rest of the fellas think.


okay so this a good question.
my father was a furry man.
so of course,
i got that gene as well.
personally i HATE fur on my body.
i remember when my mother caught me shaving.
wasn’t a good night.

so i just let the fur go wild and people would be like:

“you are such a pretty boy,
but you are so hairy.
i would have never have thought…”

i’d trim my pubes before i messed with wolves,
but that was about it.
well a couple months ago,
i naired my entire body.
i was bored and wanted to see what it would be like.
i actually ended up liking the end results.
my body was smooth and it felt good when i slept naked between the sheets.
since i been in florida,
i haven’t naired so i got a little fuzz:

jfoxlegs…but i can’t do “werewolf type hairy”.
funny enough,
if a met a wolf with a hair,
i wouldn’t even care.
on some,
that shit be sexy AF.
well no one likes to suck/swallow wild pubic hair tho.
Spit+or+swallow.+Gotta+say+though.+Sometimes+guys+want+to+_1f82bba402cc12feb73e7d2a5ebf5d90-2that can be actually annoying.
┬ájust saying…
so my vote is: do what makes you feel good.
your body = your rules.
some people like fur and some dont.
it’s shouldn’t be a deal breaker when it comes to fucking/relationships.
well i’d hope not anyway.
thoughts anyone?


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8 thoughts on “f0xmail: Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow. Should I Shave?”

  1. I get real hairy real fast, but I am obsessed being smooth. And I like my men smooth as well. But beware of the hair between the ass cheeks because sometime you will find dingleberry or w/e attach to the butt hair. And some pubic hair have odor.

  2. Look at those legs boi lol.

    Personally I don’t care about hair. As a Wolf, I do not really care about hair I find it to be sexy.

  3. For me because I have a twinkish body (I’m going to work on fixing that in the new year) and I have really hairy legs. So hair on my skinny legs just doesn’t look right. I do want to get my ass and hair down there waxed soon

    1. Do you have somebody else wax it?I ask because I don’t know how anyone can shave their own ass and taint.It’s super sensitive and hard to do because of where it is positioned.

      I hate being hairy.I wish I was lightly hairy.

  4. I swear I was just thinking about this yesterday! lol
    I have hairy legs, but that’s pretty much the only place I’m hairy. I don’t shave my legs (even though I thought about it and females seem to like it when a guy does it). I didn’t start getting hair on my legs until high school. So for the longest, people thought I shaved my legs. As far as pubic hair, I thought about shaving it, but I’m scared that I’ll cut myself. lol. I use an electric trimmer to trim it though.

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