Andrew Caldwell Out Here Pullin’ Finer Wolves Than U

12031598_891478120922090_7482458899905010713_ooh mister “i love the wimmenz”.
oh po’ po’ mister “i love the wimmenz”.
well andrew caldwell,
of serious delusions fame,
claims he gotten “delivert” by a baller wolf you know of.
kordell “rhoa/porscha williams x husband” stewart.
he said:

“I dated Kordell,” he said in an interview with The ShakeUP Morning Show. While he claimed that sleeping with Stewart was only a one-time occurrence, he was able to parlay the affair into quite the lucrative arrangement. “I had everything that Portia got… I had bags, purses, cars. I’m in a Jaguar right now. Honey, did you see that Jaguar over there?”

Caldwell explained how he came to meet the former NFL star. “We was at a bar. We was at a restaurant and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Kordell.’ “And they was like, ‘Yeah, he’s a football player.’ I was like, ‘Mmm… I like football players… I dated other football players too, I dated some of the Rams.”

Caldwell also admitted that he knew Kordell was married to Williams when he slept with him. “I think she is a gold digger,” he said of the RHOA star. “Girl, you know your husband was gay.

kordell responded to the accusations by saying…

Ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart says he NEVER dated gay Internet star Andrew Caldwell — the guy who famously declared “I’m not gay no more!” — telling TMZ Sports,
“I’m a heterosexual man.”

“I don’t know the guy. I’ve never heard of him.”

“There’s no room in my personality for that lifestyle. It’s not what I believe in. I’m a heterosexual man.” 

Stewart says he believes Caldwell has defamed him — but when asked if he plans to sue, the ex-Pittsburgh Steelers star says he’s not sure yet

















giphyi can’t with this entire story.
i might need to get “delivert” because something is clearly wrong.
now i will say that many a “andrew caldwells” get the baller wolves.
i still don’t know what voodoo they do,
but baller wolves seem to like messy jackals.
when your credibility is shot,
then its really hard to believe even if it was true.
its like the jackal who cries wolf.
with andrew coming out and saying this now,
it only makes him look desperate for attention.i keep telling ya’ll that jackal is cray cray,
but what if he is telling the truth tho?

i might vomit.

articles quoted: the grio | tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Out Here Pullin’ Finer Wolves Than U”

  1. Hmmmm I’m 50/50 with this alleged story. I mean if Kordell was to fuck a man o jackal in this case, wouldn’t he pick an attractive one?

  2. To be honest, I do not know what to believe anymore. We all are aware that men will smash anything. A ratchet stripper with tats all over her body can get a fine man to smash. Can she not? Boobie Gibson cheated on his wife with one. How about Tyga and the Tranny? lol. Can you say busted?

    Andrew’s agenda is to gain more exposure, he has nothing more to gain but that. With his Winnie the Pooh looking ass. He is not cute, but the ballers will chase after cake…and Andrew is a thick one. I’m just sayin.

    1. Jesus take the wheel today, between The Man ” with his winne the pooh looking ass” and James in the last meat post ” wash him off and bring him to my tent” I’m going to get fired laughing so loud. The Fox Hole is on Fire today!

  3. With his track record he’s not to be trusted unless he has some kind of evidence. He seems like the messy type that’d try to get more fame.

  4. Even though I had to laugh at Kordell having to explain that he was a heterosexual, this story is complete Bullshit, I am not trusting this attention starved fame whore. It is dudes like this who give gay men a bad name, it just fits the narrative that we are attention starved and messy. This pineapple know damn well, Kordell aint bought you shit. First of all, Kordell is into White dudes, oops may be telling too much, but a homeboy of mine went to College with him and told me this years ago that it was a known thing at Univ. of Colorado where he attended. When he was asking the Lawd to deliver him from that twist in his hips, he should have asked to be delivert from being a messy ass queen. He is going to cross the wrong one and end up getting a beat down that really gone have him delivert. This clown is an embarrassment to gay men, the church and himself. I hope Kordell sues his ass and teaches him a lesson, he reminds me of that messy William McCray aka Mr. Obnoxious guy who lives for this type of messy drama, both church queens.

    1. I agree. No baller will ever approach a gay man even in private because they’re afraid to be exposed because of Queens like him ruining it for everyone

      1. I agree with Tajan an Petty Pendergrass — most men I know who have done football players look and act nothing like this queen. However, in a horny moment some men can do anybody so I’m going to keep a slim bet this is true. That being said Mr. Delivert broke a cardinal rule of dealing with DL celebrities when he blabbed about it on radio. You keep that stuff private. Hell, if a dude gave me a Jaguar you would damn well have to torture me to get that out.

  5. I saw that whole interview, and I am with you Jamari, something is not right with sistah gurls mind. Mental hospital should be ordered.

  6. i don’t believe this i see Kordell picking a slim petite fem guy not this fool and lastly which one is it is he straight and delivert or gay and exposing folks I’m confused. i thought he said he came to GOD, well GOD wouldn’t recommend exposing someone for fame…smh i can’t with people like this…

  7. Well, who people have sex with is their business. People often have sex with ugly people. (It’s not the face you fuck, it’s the fuck you face.).

    Former football player Kerry Rhodes appears to have had a sexual relationship with a man who is less than “a 10”.

    On the other hand, “Mr. Delivert” is less than credible based upon his past statements and behaviors so perhaps it’s just a publicity ploy.

    1. Kerry Rhodes knew Peanut for months,they had a friendship that allegedly turned into a relationship.This guy claims he met Kordell at a restaurant,they went to a hotel and had sex.If Kordell is bisexual I am sure he could meet a more attractive trick to hook up with in Atlanta.

      1. Preach! I’d see if he was thick with some cakes, but them things flat and he messy too. I’ll bet money he’s lying.

  8. Me thinks if anything, he was just head. I can’t really picture intercourse. He’s definitely never “dated” any of these guys…

  9. Andrew Caldwell gave a public apology .He says he has never met Kordell.He made up the story.The Shade Room claims he is trying to get a reality show

  10. I have two things to say here…

    1. Porsha is ditsy enough to marry Kordell, and not realize she was/could be his beard.
    2. No way did Andrew let Kordell smash only ONCE and got a Jaguar out of it…

  11. He’s lying. The bit about the Rams players is the tell. Also as paranoid as Kordell is he’s not messing with a flaming queen.

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