Is Empire Too Gay?

empirei been meaning to talk about this.
it has been sitting on my chest for a while now.
season 2 of empire.
i was just discussing this with a home-vixen of mine.
the show is all over the place,
the character are doing too much,
and i don’t know where this plot is even going anymore.
then 50 cent says this before deleting…

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.54.12 PM
…and i sorta agree with him.
well not about the gay stuff,
although i was shaking my head when miss lawrence was on a damn piano,
i can actually agree there are way too many celeb cameos.
the first season was carried by a story.
this season seems too “shock value” for me.
am i the only one?
its like every black celeb with a updated resume is trying to be on this show.
although i like chris rock,
i had to ask myself is he really a scary villian?
and is ludacris a good “crooked cop”?
his acting didn’t convince me as such.

giphycan we also talk about anika aka boo boo kitty for a sec?
i absolutely HATE what they did to her character.
they ruined her.
she went from being this classy vixen,
to becoming a gutter hoe as the season went on.

sleeping with hakeem
sleeping with some snow bunny
twerking at a lesbian party

…like what?
she came from a good family,
and wasn’t acting like that beforehand,
but suddenly has become a low class hoe?
i know anyone can be that way,
but all it took was lucious to cheat on her?

my only pro is jamal turning “bad”.
it makes his character more interesting.
he was quickly becoming “the gay superhero”.
the only person who continues to impress me is andre.
its not with his looks,
as he is very fine

but the wolf can act.
he seems to be the only character with dimensions.

mental illness
trying to please his father
this “bad” side he has

i like it.
now lets do the same with others.
as far as the “too much gay” stuff.
welcome to reality.

lowkey: “how to get away with murder” has a ton more gay stuff.
correct me if i’m wrong,
but didn’t 50 have a gay scene in power too?

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Is Empire Too Gay?”

  1. I wasn’t able to get get into the first season because I was so busy with work and kinda of tv overload with my other shows. But because of the hype I start watching season 2 and I don’t know how to feel, I kinda liked the first episode but last week’s was just not that great to me. I’m sure they will get it right in the ones to come but I will say all of the Celeb cameos are not needed, they come in one episode and are gone by the end of that same episode. Lee should just stick to the story and try to flesh out characters that need it.

  2. Well to be accurate 50 didn’t write the comment he shared it on IG.His attorney told TMZ,when he read the part about “gay stuff” he deleted the industry on blast comment.His attorney says he posted it to make fun of Empire for dropping 3 million viewers.

  3. Here are a few of my observations on Empire:

    *Cookie coming out in the premiere in a cage,in a guerrilla costume, wearing couture was too much.
    *Stop with the celebrity guest appearances. Ludacris’ acting is HORRIBLE!*
    *It’s too much going on in each episode. It’s not even realistic. You can’t just decide to leave your label. There are legally binding contracts to prevent this. Luscious had that horrible song mixed and released in two days??
    *Cookie is constantly running behind Jamal or Hakeem saying “I can fix this.” It’s just very lazy writing.

    I will continue to watch the show, but the writing and continuity has been all over the place.

    Speaking of 50 Cents’ thirsty/bankrupt ass: I avoided Power like the plague. My partner kept telling me how good it was and I eventually got hooked. In all honesty, Power is better than Empire.

    I’m rooting for Empire, but please stop with the celebrity guest appearances and quick storytelling that take place in two days.

    1. It is like, the show was a success the first season, now they are doing too much to make sure it stays at the top.

  4. As I read the title, I thought the same, HTGAWM has more gay scenes than Empire. The celeb cameos are too much. Chris Rock was supposed to be scary tho. Really? He is a comedian, no one will ever see him seriously as a villain.

    Season 1 was better…at this point anyway.

    1. We watched the first two episodes of HTGAWM last seaon and no more. They talked too fast and weren’t believable. Don’t get me started on Scandal. Although, season 2 finale finale of Scandal was G.O.A.T.

      HTGAWM is pretty good. Quit dragging a serial plot through an entire season.

  5. 50 Cent is just a hater and want to bring down Empire..I think the writing and plot could be better in Empire..but I thought the acting could have been better in power.50 cent son in that show was terrible..
    Unfortunately I do think they scaring all the straight wolves away with the gay stuff..but then again maybe not because every show has gay stuff…maybe they just had bad week

    1. They recorded more than 13 million viewers on a major network last week, ratings are still very high. Don’t let them fool you. Most shows drops after the premiere.

  6. I don’t even get why 50 is hating on Empire? The shows don’t compete with each other.
    They don’t come on at the same time (NOT EVEN THE SAME TIME OF THE YEAR!)
    They don’t have the same audience (Power is a lot more… violent.)
    And Power comes on Starz, not even basic TV.
    You can literally watch Power AND Empire without either of them hurting in ratings.
    There’s 500 White sitcoms all about the same thing, Power and Empire are VAGUELY like each other. I just don’t get it. Shouldn’t he be focusing on how he’s going to afford Mike Tyson’s mansion?

    1. Anyways, my thoughts on the show, first season was better, but we’re only 2 episodes in. It’s kind of hard to judge it just based on two episodes. My biggest problems are…

      1. Story lines get resolved too quick. (Like, Frank Gathers is this big time violent drug dealer, and gets killed after 2 days in jail?)
      2. All the damn celeb cameos. (People related to the music industry would make sense… but really?)
      3. Anika’s change in character. I liked her being the stuck up doctor daddy’s daughter.

      I’m not counting the show out yet. I’m sure it will get better as time goes on, and people voice their opinions.

      1. When it comes to Anika’s character a lot of media outlets have been putting up clips of anika and cookie fighting. I honestly think a lot of the audience just wants to see Cookie lay it in on Anika, thus her being Cookie’s punching bag until they update her storyline. I feel like they have nothing for her, but they want to keep her as a main character for the moment which leads me to believe she will have some significance later (I hope)
        I liked her as a stuck up, regal “got my ish together” type character as well, it suited her. We will see what happens.

  7. Empire is all over the place. I swore they would have gotten back to the story after the first episode. The acting is so dramatic, it’s coming off like a play. I was just peeping how Jamal is trying to act so evil, was dead when Hakeem walks out and Jamal randomly pulls up at that moment like a villain.

    I can’t say whether Andre’s acting is good or not.. Too distracted by them cakes! Am I the only one noticing?

  8. I honestly had no problem with the Ludacris’ cameo. I think he did a decent job, considering the part. Cameo’s are okay here and there, but yeah I agree, its distracting.
    I’m liking where they are going with Jamal’s character, Andre’s character has good bones, but they need to really dig with that character, he has potential, and so far, they are just scratching the surface of what his character COULD be. Never liked Hakeem’s character, still not seeing much depth with his character yet.

    Lucious and Cookie kinda run the show still.

    You are spot on with your analysis on Anika Jamari I agree 100%. She also seemed to have depth in the first season, and now who is she? what is her purpose? They have nothing for her in the storyline at the moment so they’re just playing off of the “light-skinnded girl everyone loves to hate” just for the sake of the viewer’s egos. lol. I think they’re doing a disservice to the character atm, but im holding out hope that there’s an actual reason why she’s still there.

    Not sure what I think of Andre’s wife. She’s growing on me though.

  9. The celeb cameos are too much and the acting is way over the top. They need to get back to basics. And as for the decline in viewers…it had to happen EVENTUALLY lol. They couldn’t keep adding viewers every week forever. They still dominated their timeslot tho.

  10. The acting on empire is cringe worthy. I mean my GOD! I dvr the episodes and find myself fast forwarding through the episode. Its rumored that Diana Ross is to appear in an episode and I might just watch that episode or fastforward through to her parts.

    Dude who plays hakeem needs a gawt damn acting coach and jussie too also singing lessons.

  11. I agree with you Jamari! I was saying the same thing on FB. And yes in Power… Ghost drug supplier is a gay Colombian drug lord who hits on ghost and he has gay sexual scenes.

  12. I knew when Season 1 ended and all the talk was who will be the next celebrity, that it was going to be overload. There was too much talk and anticipation on who will be making a cameo appearance on the show. I knew told my friends this also. And, just like I thought, it is losing the story line and as you stated “is all over the place”. This hit might be short lived, although I am in for the long haul no matter what happens.

  13. I agree they should lessen the cameo appearance and just focus on the Lyon family. But I can be honest? Andre is becoming my major crush on this show. He is so fucking hot.

  14. Andre and Jamal are the only interesting characters for me. Maybe the writers don’t think the show will be around long enough to flesh out the characters like they want to…so they have shyt all over the place. Not a good thing. They need to slow the pace down, get down and dirty, and kill all the guest star cameos. They don’t need them. I couldn’t stop laughing at Chris Rock playing a tough, “mean” drug OG. GTFOH!! LOL
    50 is not even a good part of Power, so even though he exec produces…he should sit down and be quiet. His character is not all that. Kill the character off, and make your money BEHIND the scenes, PLEASE.

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