From Behind Blocked Lines

tumblr_ljyni2Wvc21qgw2huafter seeing how i was blocked by tyler lepley tonight,
you know what the funny part is

i don’t know what i did wrong.
all the people that have blocked me:

evelyn lozada
tyson beckford
isaiah pead

and now tyler lepley

i have never said anything negative about them.
there was no harassing them in mentions like others.
i have always supported their careers,
spoke highly of them,
and even told my readers to check out their work.
i always make sure the foxhole is up to date with whoever i write about.
hell all those wolves i even said was attractive.
sure i got a little raunchy,
but it was all in good fun.

what an asshole i am.

i guess the sad truth is that if i was a white blogger,
it would be sunshine and roses.
i happen to be a nigga behind the keyboard.
a gay one at that.

“thats so not mellow.” – free xone, janet jackson

its like you can’t take it personal,
but it does make you say “wtf”?

giphyfuckin’ people man.
i swear to god.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “From Behind Blocked Lines”

  1. Maybe it’s because you’re anonymous, with others they can put a face to who is talking.

    That’s the only logical reason, I’ve never seen u go n on a celeb

  2. All the people you mentioned are ones that you have either spoken truth on in the past or complimented their looks and they couldn’t handled it( but let you have been Perez Hilton and it would have been favorited). It comes with the job and I’m pretty sure they are low key reading your blog to see what their biggest supports (the gays) think of them 😛

  3. he better be lucky anyone even knows his name, hell i don’t even know him all i know is his face and that was thru this blog…i’m not a fan of the have nots…i just feel it’s lacking….but that’s my opinion

  4. Let’s break this down

    Evelyn Lozada- a washed up reality whore who is using her uterus to keep income coming in

    Tyson Beckford- what was suppose to be a modeling icon but is now only know for his antics and trying to maintain a straight persona with his many beards

    Pead – who???

    Miguel- a confused homosexual with good music

    Tyler Lepley- a bad acting d list person on an equally bad d list soap opera who probably had to bend someone over a casting couch just to get a role in a show. His acting tells me what good dick or bussy can get you.

    Any questions?

  5. Most of these folks I dont even know (don’t really watch TV or a lot of other stuff) but I come here and discover folks..

    Tyler leply…at first I thought u were making a Tyler Perry joke..😋


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