Andrew Caldwell Needs Some Funds DeliverT

so andrew caldwell has upped his security detail.
some of ya’ll throw paws when you see him.
well that security won’t block his wages being garnished.
you know he was sued by kordell stewart and lost.
an f-bi sent me the alleged go fund me someone made for andrew.

andrew better get him a sugar daddy momma.
i hear dubai has the best ones.
andrew has ( x raised 10 dollars ) so far.

lowkey: andrew is booked tho…

i don’t know what he will be doing,

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Needs Some Funds DeliverT”

  1. Don’t you mean he should get a “Sugar Momma”? He is delivert he doesn’t mess with “mens no more”.I want to know who paid for this security he was working at McDonald’s a few months ago.

  2. He said that he has a lot of money in one of his videos he was yelling in…where’s the money? I wouldn’t give him a penny to help him out. He flat out lied about that man and knew it and now he have to pay!!! Oh well…too bad, so sad 😭😭😭

    1. ^he can blame the radio djs all he wants.
      he got baited and put on record tossing those accusations out there.
      i am curious how he is going to avoid paying this and the repercussions.

      1. Dumb ass better file for bankruptcy. If he knew he didn’t have “relations with that man” he should’ve kept his mouth shut. Tryna get a come up off lies and that shyt came back to bite him/her in the ass! Now this fool expects OTHER people to pay for HIS/HER lies?!!
        Man please! GTFOH with that nonsense.
        And he look fruity as hell in that pic with his “security detail” LMAO

  3. This may be a rumor.I read he recently, a few months ago, started receiving SSI or SSDI so the first payment was a very large lump sum amount because it included retroactive benefits.So he was posting videos with his trunk or car filled with a lot of money.I don’t know what is disablity is but I will assume he is “mentally challenged”.

  4. I hope he is living miserably, but these people never understand their lesson. I am sure he will be at it again at some point.

  5. Maybe I’ve been removed from the gospel game too long, but I ain’t neva heard of nan one of the “artists” on that flyer….and the fact that this mental case study is featured on it tells me this is nuffin but the devil disguised…

    1. LMAO I never even looked at that flyer.But I recognize B Slade and Ernest Pugh.B Slade used to go by Tonex until he was blacklisted by the gospel industry back in 2009 when he came out.He did an interview with a lady name Lexi and admitted he was attracted to men.He said all his booking were cancelled within hours.

  6. So…we just gonna ignore “the gospel jump off”? That ratchetness just gonna fly? I know we got some ol’ hood churches but good God!

  7. Why does he looks even sweeter now than he did before? Looking like Ol’ Aretha

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