Rico Pruitt Is “About BBA”

/the following is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

 i was legitimately shocked about this,
but one of the f-bi told me:

“the show was pretty much porn tho…”

so rico pruitt is not “about him” anymore.
he is “about that porn life” now.
rico has a debut scene on “black boy addictionz” and…













i guess i can’t be too shocked when he did ( x this ).
oh and attentionis-teasing on his ig

let’s hope he can turn alla this into a steady career.

video credited: black boy addictionz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Rico Pruitt Is “About BBA”

  1. Lemme add to this tea. Rico’s “manager” claimed he got paid to bottom on BBA for $15,000. USD. Do we believe that?

    1. Is that before or after taxes and how much of that is going to his so called manager? 15,000 may sound like a lot some people, but it’s really not much in today’s economy

      1. I got this information from The Wiley Show on Youtube. Point I’m tryning to make is that is an exorbitant amount of money for an ametuer porn star. Hotrod, Antonio Biaggi, Remy Mars is not touching that type of money and you’re gonna tell me that a costar on a popular gay web series that was leaked onto Myvidster is getting paid 15 racks? Get outta my face with the bs.

    2. Maybe he meant he got a $15K contract to do 4 or 5 vids. No way he got that for one vid.

      Going by video “likes” on BBA, this vid will probably get 400 “likes” -at best- in one month. So there are probably that many subscribers on BBA paying $20 a month. To be generous, lets add 50% to that number for those that don’t care to like or didn’t like the vid. That would be 600 subscribers paying 20 bucks a month.

      That’s $12K in one month. No way BBA would be in business blowing more than their entire month’s budget on just one actor. (Okay maybe they would for some of the guys featured on here like Flashman Wade or something). That doesn’t even include all the other expenses like travel, hotel, and paying the other model for just this one vid. And BBA would still need to produce at least 2 other scenes for the month.

      And those are generous numbers. BBA probably has closer to 450 subscribers in one month.

      So I find that $15K number hard to believe…unless it was a $15K contract for multiple scenes.

      1. If the boxer from philly(Yusaf) got 5K I can believe Rico got 15K. Social media turns into numbers. Those other porn stars are older and have a following of 25-40 year olds. Meanwhile Rico is attracting the 18-25 years olds/college kids. And that equals disposable income. Ol dude who produced about Justin made averages 150K views on YouTube. So I’m sure the 2.99$ rentals did good also.

    3. Yes. Michael Galleta the owner pays top dollar for his amateur models and they are exclusive to him. I will say 10,000

      He is known as the creepy white man who turns straight guys gay and turn tops to bottoms. They now shoot in 4 star hotels in St.Louis

  2. Most of the guys on these gay black web series are tumblr/connectpal strippers and porn stars anyway, so it’s not that big of shock imo. That site however, is run by some pasty creepy ass white guy who exploits and fetishizes black boys, but whatever.

    I just hope he saves whatever money he’s making or else he’s going to end up broke and on GoFundMe in no time just like every other broke ass begging porn star is nowadays, because contrary to popular belief there’s no real money in porn anymore. Not with all these free tube sites out here.

      1. You won’t find BBA on myvidster. Galleta has system where you have to pay for his videos even if you have a membership to his site. He can afford to pay $$$

    1. Thank you for speaking on this! It seems no one is concerned that this mike guy exploits the fuck outta black men. Now I will admit I’ve seen some pretty hot scenes over the years, but the ones where they sell their ass to CREEPY white man makes you wanna stop watching porn. I hear he pays a lot for those types of scenes so I can believe Rico made that much. If he didn’t make at least 10,000 he’s a FOOL!

  3. I am pissed about what happened to About Him.Now there are two series with the same name.One is with Brandon who played Damien and it follows him in College, it’s produced by the guy who created the book “About Him”.The other series On Signal 23 has all the people from the original series, except Brandon.I hate when creative differences messes up a good show.

    And yes I know is was basically soft porn but I liked it.😂😂

      1. Last year around October or November Brandon(Damien) posted he would not be on season 2.He said it wasn’t his choice and he mentioned something about not being masculine enough.This year, He said He and the guy(Tyson) who wrote the book were doing another series on another channel.They started casting for their show also called About Him back in January.I won’t watch either show because I am pissed and #petty.😂

  4. every since I seen the preview I was waiting on your opinion. I been on so many blogs and website comment on myvidster and pretty much most of them are upset and surprise because they feel like he could had been big when the most of all the gay web series have porn star or escort from ATL. I honestly don’t understand why is everybody surprise about this, The boy look like a natural porn star. And let not forget there had been plenty of big celebrity who was pornstar, stripper, prostitute, and nude model.

  5. I’m a little surprised he went all out, even though the shows he was in was pretty graphic with the sex scenes. By the way Jamari do you know your Frank Ocean post is on Lipstick Alley and they provided your link on the post. Yay

      1. Lord They are over there at LSA talking about Meth saying Frank or Ysham use drugs because a capital T in a profile stands for Tina(meth).I have no idea what they are talking about.Guys on the DL, LGBT agenda, etc…

        But I did learn Ysham’s mother is white from Albania, his dad is from the Congo and he was born in France.So I guess he isn’t black anymore according to some people in the Foxhole.Lol😂

  6. Tbh it’s not really that far of a stretch considering he has some sextape type ish from his ex on tumblr (Kenzeltuff) plus he has his nudes allllll over the web shows he was in and tumblr. I think if he can spin this into something worth while good for him.

    I don’t get the shock though he’s essentially been nude, had a connectpal(allegedly), and it’s not like they are knocking on the door to get gay black actors into roles. he saw an opportunity that gave him money and he took it.

  7. I like Rico he doesn’t take himself too serious, he’s a looker, and. From the preview he got skills lol

    Now as far as the rumor of him getting that amount of money idk a big part of me doesn’t believe it. As someone who watches all kind of gay porn ( black, Latino, white, Japanese, etc) I know that the white companies like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher don’t pay that kind of money for a first scene and the kind of guys they are getting over there are mostly gay for pay jock types that men drool over.

    Now Black Boy Addiction while having good looking black men ( which are mostly gay for pay) the site and videos looks outdated and rundown ( like most black gay porn). It’s just hard to believe that this site is getting the amount of subscribers needed to pay someone that kind of money (while most of these scenes leaked on Myvidster or Pornhub)

    Good luck to him tho

    P.S. I would love to just see a gay web series that is well acted with actual gay sex scenes and camera work

  8. I’ve never seen About Him and don’t plan to, but judging by his acting ability 10 seconds into the clip above he’s right where he needs to be.

    Does he expect anyone to believe that white man paid him 15k? He probably got $800 and 20 piece of chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Lol

    I personally think porn is a dead end now because most people don’t buy it anymore, its only a matter of time before it hits myvidster. You’re better off shooting your own content than working for a company. It’s also common knowledge that blacks get paid much less despite basically being the backbone of the industry.

    1. Lol I hollered and completely agree. His ass wasn’t ever gonna be the next Denzel Washington anyway and he doesn’t even look tall enough to grab the cereal off the top of my fridge.
      They’ll make whatever money they can off his 15mins of fame then he’ll blend right on in with the other little nondescript gay porn boys.

  9. When it is all said and done, the man does have to earn a living. We cannot deny that. We all are old enough to know, easy money comes quicker than hard earned money. My thing always has been, the way some of them are doing it.

  10. I know this may sound gross, but I want to know what type of cleansing process these porn bottoms uses.

    1. Also how their body holds up after a career of taking so many dicks. I knew in real life u have to pace yourself, but porn is a bit extreme.

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