“…And Here Go Jesse Williams and This Snow Bunny”, They Said.

i think we need to stop putting celebrities so high.
they will say something to get on our good sides,
and in another breath,
do something to have us scratching our heads like “wtf?”.
today’s “wtf” goes to jesse williams.
remember that lovely speech he had at the bet awards?

…but it was this part:

someone showing love to the black vixens.
i could understand why throwing their panties.
i was feeling a tad moist myself.
well he divorced his black wife,
but was allegedly creeping with a snow bunny.
it’s no “alleged” any longer because…

he was spotted creeping out an a movie date with actress,
minka kelly.
that is the snow bunny he has been dealing with.

he is like sam from “dear white people”.
all this “black power” talk,
but banging one of their supposed “oppressors”.
how are you “goin in” on the same folks you go in on?

Am I the only one who finds that a contradiction?

i mean,
she is sexy ‘n’ all:

…but i would have thought he would moved on with a sista.
maybe he is just fuckin’ her?
his divorced pipe is hate bangin’ her on some “insecure” shit?
we all need to let these celebs rock.
we build them up to get let down.

lowkey: set the scene for this scandal.

this never gets old for me.

jesse williams/minka kelly photo cc: MEGA TheMegaAgency.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on ““…And Here Go Jesse Williams and This Snow Bunny”, They Said.”

  1. I’m honestly not surprised. That seems to be a common theme among so called “woke” pro black folks. They talk about black oppression by white people then go home and hop in bed with one. I’m just waiting on Deray Mckesson and the other founders of BLM to debut their white partners because I know it’s going to happen

    1. ^i don’t understand that at all.
      it’s like,
      in order to have a seat at the table,
      you gotta disrespect and fuck one of our snow cousins.

      i hear deray is allegedly banging a snow wolf.

  2. That’s because they really aren’t sincere to begin with.

    You think it was a coincidence he has been seen with this chick right before he split with his wife?

    These black pineapples have been using black women for their dollars and support since forever and I can’t wait for the day they really get fed up!

    Harry Belafonte
    Fredrick Douglas
    Hell, even MLK was linked to a white woman in the cafeteria at Morehouse.

    Date and fuck who you want, but don’t claim to be down for the cause for clout and then go and do the contrary.

    Make no mistake, White women co-facilitate the oppression of black and brown people.

    Their affinity for black dick didn’t change anything even during slavery and when black men were being brutally beaten and hung for looking at one in the times after that.

    1. ^110%

      of course,
      the black power stans will see otherwise.
      it always looked disingenuous to me.
      all the black vixens who im sure would have turned jesse completely out,
      he ran to a snow bunny?
      that should have struck everyone as weird to his character.

      1. His mom is white though so I’m not surprised. That light skinned with dreads, black power shit was all just a phase.

        Colin Kapernick is the only one literally putting his walking the walk and standing by what he says.

  3. Colin is fucking with a pretty militant type woman of color that’s why he got so bold I think lol

    Side note:
    That scene was amazing! I know it had to be improvised to some degree.

    How is it that Spike Lee movies are eternally relevant?! That man was a genius ahead of his time.

  4. The GREATEST CONTRADICTION HERE. No matter how much these Black men think they’ve done for the people, the greatest thing they really can do is be committed to a BLACK WOMAN. Get this clown out of here. Fraud ass, Nicki.

  5. I was listening to commentary on this debate of Umar Johnson and Roland Martin of TV One and Umar said that it doesn’t matter how much strides a person has made, or how much work was put in for the betterment of the black community, if your partner doesn’t look like you, its very telling on how you feel about black people. I dislike his views on homosexuality and how egotistical he is, but he does make sound points on issues concerning the black community.

    Before I woke up to find myself neck deep in white supremacy, I had two sexual partners that were white. Even before I am the way I am, I felt nasty. I felt that I was a fetish for them. I see beauty in all races, but I don’t think I could bring myself to have sex with one given the social climate of the country right now. I don’t think any black person, especially those claiming to be cognizant of white supremacy, should sleep with anyone white.

    1. I completely disagree, I don’t think it has to be that serious. Not every white person is fetishizing black people. Not every black person is hateful. Remember during the civil rights movement in the 60s there were white advocates that worked for the cause. During slavery times, there were white abolitionist. Don’t make the mistake that many white people make about black people by generalizing them all to be the same.
      I love my black wolves, but I won’t turn down a white wolf, or an Asian wolf, or Spanish wolf, or any wolf that I am into and I deem worthy of my time.

    2. ^everything is so confusing now.

      i don’t want to throw all the whites in the same box,
      but shit like this makes it hard.
      this sentence was very deep:

      “… doesn’t matter how much strides a person has made, or how much work was put in for the betterment of the black community, if your partner doesn’t look like you, its very telling on how you feel about black people.”

      1. So if your partner doesn’t look like you, than you don’t care about black people.

        1. I married a snow wolf (I was in New Hampshire and there weren’t many black people around) and I don’t regret it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my fellow black people. It’s distressing to think people are making these assumptions about me because I decided to date/marry someone who was interested in me. The assumptions are kind of insulting honestly.

      2. Mansur, I apologize. It’s NEVER my intent to insult anyone who takes my comments and views to heart. I mean absolutely no offense to anyone. However, I do stand by my original comment.

        I think that America is a place and a society that places more emphasis on an individual rather than the collective that individual belongs to. It’s a capitalist country so it only makes sense. The only exception to that rule is undying patriotism to America. We as black people can no longer focus on the psyche of one person, but need to focus on the collective if we are to survive and have a community that prospers.

        As it relates to Mr. Williams, being one of the faces of the ‘pro-black’ movement and dating someone white is a conflict of interest. You can’t say that you love animals and a big animal rights activist and you wear fur. People would view that person as a hypocrite.

        I love black men because I find that, in every major city that I have visited within America, black people’s experiences and conditions are generally the same. Impoverished areas, people not in our community profiting from us, etc. White people overall cannot relate to what it means in this country to be black. They don’t understand the struggles, culture, and values that we as black people hold dear. I do not want to be in a relationship where I have to constantly explain my cultures, social views, and beliefs to a partner who hasn’t been introduced to it beforehand. White or otherwise. People are free to marry and have sex with whomever they wish. My preference is to have a partner that looks like me and can identify with my culture.

  6. I agree we shouldn’t gas up celebs or anybody , I think for black women it was refreshing to have a black man to say what he say on tv like that at the BET awards. I don’t see anything wrong with him dating Minka , before he made that speech he was just an actor doing things for the cause, after it people (mostly black women) gassed him to be “woke bae” and such. At the end of the day he’s a regular pineapple no more no less. I would love to know if an unattractive black man got up there and made the same speech would it have received the same amount of love from the sistas? IDK

    We say all the time about not giving a fucks or doing you no matter what other think. Jessie’s doing it it becomes a problem. This man can still fight black issues and be down for the cause and fuck, date, love whoever he wants to.

    I Love black men and black love but if a good looking, kin, d white, Latino , Asian etc wolf wanted to bang me or date me I’m not gonna say no and I’m not gonna automatically assume they are using me as a a fetish (unless they show me signs they are)

    I understand the disappointment from black women but again like you said we can’t place people on these pedal stools .

  7. Why can’t someone be woke and still be in love with the person they are attracted to? Can’t Jesse realize the oppression and wrong in how we as African Americans are being treated and still love who he loves? Its just like how people say that Deray Mckesson can’t lead the BLM movement because he is gay….he is still catching hell as a black gay man (more hell in fact) and Jesse Williams is catching hell as a black man dating a white woman…and BTW, his mother is a white woman so why can’t he be attracted to what is in him???

  8. I have a problem with his rumored cheating on his wife.It doesn’t matter to me the race or sex of the person he is cheating with.I also have a problem with Prison Bae, Jeremy Meeks, cheating on his white wife.
    I will say this I will support Jesse, dating a white woman, and still being a civil rights activist over these “post racial ,All Lives Matter” blacks who only date blacks.Jesse still does work with black youth,he still speaks about racial profiling and police brutality.Unlike some of these celebs who think racism either doesn’t affect them or they are too afraid to speak about racism.

    1. ^The celebs don’t speak up because they don’t want to jeopardize that paycheck. Sad, but true.

  9. at the end of the day.
    the umar Johnson and the jesse williams of the world are nothing but smooth talkers.
    they either telling you things that you already know or what you want to hear.

  10. OK, I am confused. Why is it that we get bothered about someone’s partner? Just because he has a White gf does not make the words he spook during his accepting speech any less inspiring.

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