You Loved My Tight Hole and The Head I Gave Tho

i really hate the narrative of:


it’s highly annoying.
it usually comes from males who use that excuse for treating others bad.
black males,
 gay black males…
it’s like,
you bring your all to someone because you’re interested,
but they would rather play silly games.
these hoes tho?
they will lose all common sense and ruin their own lives for the hoe.
destruction is the new “love”,
funny enough,
they say they can’t love someone…

…but they sure do know how to love their material possessions.
they will make love to a car,
research about sneakers,
or shout to the mountain tops over some random possession.
someone who has shown loyalty,
willing to have their back,
and hold them down?

nah homie.
those are your “enemy” and they need to be destroyed.

i’m tired of the excuses for these emotionally damaged folks out here.
they drive you crazy because they’re legit crazy.
i may have the solution tho.
get into relationships with their toys.
it won’t fight you for the love and respect it needs.
you can control it to your hearts desire.
try to stick your dick in or on it.
it might just get warm enough.
just leave us sane folks alone.
we come in peace,
want to cum in peace,
and need stability and consistency it in our lives.
stop gassing us up because you’re broken and like that fleeting feeling we give.
better yet,
stop fucking our brains out and leaving us to play guessing games after.
go stick your dick in a apple pie and stay away!

crazy part is,
once we move on,
suddenly we are “the love of your life”.
the fuck?
so we had to be your emotional punching bag?
those feelings and emotions associated with “love” aren’t supposed to hurt.
miss me with that shit and seethe at our deserved happiness!

i’m interested in those who want to give “love” a chance.
maybe even a strong “deep like”.
a “friendship first and see where it goes”?
too many are playing games and using “hip hop logic” to justify their actions.
you’re just dead inside and need a therapist to revive you.
i’m not perfect either,
but i’m fully aware of my issues.
that doesn’t stop me on wanting a black gay wolf to love me.
from the top of my head,
bottom of my paws,
and the entrance to all of my holes.
so whoever that is,
he is out there for me.
i know they all can’t be that bad.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “You Loved My Tight Hole and The Head I Gave Tho”

  1. So relevant to me cuz I’m dealing wit da whole mind game scenario right now. Hate to be a cynic but most black gay males are too damaged to try and deal wit. I’m starting to think the one for me ain’t black but a yak herder living in Tibet lol.

  2. sending this post to all the fuck-pinapples out there lol

    no but seriously this is something that applies to alot of people that use that ” I can’t be because I never had that in my life” excuse. It’s really a ” You’re calling me out on my bullshit so instead of me doing reflecting on it and TRYING to do better, I’ma tell you I don’t what better is, and thus can’t do it.

  3. We’re all damaged in some way.

    I respect the ones that are upfront about it and are aware of their faults over the ones that are oblivious and have had a stadium worth of people walk away from them and swear that everyone else is the problem lol.

    I tell people upfront I’m crazy and I don’t get attached to people.

    It’s easy to say you’re ready for love when you’re yearning for it. When that person shows up often all those defense mechanisms, insecurities and complexes come to the forefront.

    Everyone has curved someone who would’ve walked into traffic for us at one point or another. The natural order dictates that we have to play the fool and get played as well.

    The key has always been effort! Are we going to work through each other’s complexes or succumb to our short attention span and ego and move on.

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