All The Strippers Make Their Start on Tumblr?

… freshly squeezed attention whore?
every time i go on tumblr,
i see this person.
“who is he?”
i’d ask myself.
this time i saw a heavily reblogged video.
he was dancing.

on a wall.
i just knew…

here he is with his perfect cheeks shot.
i’m guessing he is straight and did this for his vixen fans?


very similar to:


well i guess the good news is i got his name.
i was calling him question mark for the longest.
at least he answers all his “fans” questions on his tumblr.
i’m trying be nice since we seen this all before….


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “All The Strippers Make Their Start on Tumblr?”

  1. Does anyone believe in going to college, getting degree and working hard to build the lifestyle you want. It’s fucked up that EVERYONE is out for the quick buck. SMH I remember back in the day you had to have talent to be a star. Now acting ratchet, ignorant, or slutty will take you straight to hollywood

  2. Lol he’s been on my dashboard every day since last year. He’s got a nice body, but meh. I remember when he was sending his nudes to multiple gay bloggers to make it seem if someone had leaked his pictures.

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