aaliyah was murdered? (jaguar wright seems to think so)

i’ll never forget the day i got the news aaliyah died.
i was on my way to church and her song,
choosey lover“,
came on randomly on a cd i made.
as i listened to the song,
it felt like an out of body experience.
it stood out to me in a way i never heard before.
it hit spiritually.
as soon as i got to church,
i got the news and was devastated.
i was a huge stan of my aquarius rising sis.
the fact her music isn’t on streaming platforms gets me tite.
jaguar wright seems to think aaliyah was murdered.
this is what she said in a recent interview

uh oh.
who is “they“?
who got jobs after she died?
people love to say bey wouldn’t have reached the same success if aaliyah was alive.
i find that to be false.
i will say it was kinda off when brandy ran to work with timbaland after she passed.
the lyrics to “turn it up” on “afrodisiac” bug me:

Make it hot, get babygirl’s attention
She’s more than a woman and we sure do miss her
I wanna represent her
Timabaland, Missy, you get the picture
Give it up, we gon’ show you how we party
Give it up, we gon’ show you how we party
Give it up, we gon’ show you how we party
Give it up, we gon’ show you how we party
All my people, they hear this and be askin’ “What?”

brandy and aaliyah weren’t even cool like that.
i fucks with brandy heavy but that was a side eye moment for me.

i’ve found aaliyah’s death to be so odd tho.
the plane had the same luggage going back,
but didn’t it weigh the same getting there?
all i know is…

don’t be next!

you know the powers that b don’t like yapping.

lowkey: common hasn’t addressed her yet?

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “aaliyah was murdered? (jaguar wright seems to think so)”

  1. Jaguar didn’t run the same circle as Aaliyah so for her to even comment on that now it sounds like she’s just trying to ruffle feathers. Aaliyah originally flew to the island on a much bigger plane and that plane was scheduled to return to take them back on that Sunday. Her and the crew wanted to return sooner so instead of waiting the next day for the bigger private plane they decided to rent from a small plane company in the bahamas, Witnesses say the passengers were fussing with the pilot because the plane got there like an hour or so late, and that the pilot told them that since this plane was smaller it wouldnt be able to hold all of them and the equipment. The passengers persuaded him anyways and he decided to take the quick flight to Miami but shortly after takeoff it crashed. Folks hate to admit it but Aaliyah and her crew rushing to get back to the States early caused that crash. No conspiracy theory. She made the decision to get on a much smaller plane and they should have ordered another plane for the equipment. Now with Jaguar saying this she’s about to get blacklisted and now certain people wont believe her about the sex abuse stuff with Common, even though i still do. She’s a talented singer and i think she loss her son too but Jaguar needs to let Aaliyah rest. Lord folks let that girl R.I.P.

    1. ^okay i didn’t know that part about the bigger plane.
      aaliyah’s death was so preventable and it saddens me every time i think about it.
      imagine if someone would have stopped them,
      how things would have changed for their outcome.

      1. yep, it was public knowledge that aaliyah didn’t like flying in small planes, it made her very anxious. ultimately aaliyah made the choice to get on the plane, but i am sure like the pilot she had to be convinced. I remember being so devastated when she passed.
        Ps I don’t think aaliyah would have surpassed beyonce because aaliyah was talanted in other areas. unlike beyonce aaliyah had a lot. of promise as an actress.
        I think aaliyah would have transitioned almost completely into movies.

    2. She’s already blacklisted. This woman has been thru a lot. She has no reason to lie because she has nothing else left to lose.

  2. Interesting thing about Brandy. I wasn’t aware.
    I thought Damon Dash was the one who sacr… I mean, I don’t believe her death was an accident.

    When a celebrity dies on AIR, you already know what that means.
    And the crash happened after she shot a music video underWATER.

    Let me be quiet.

  3. The whole Aaliyah situation is very disturbing to me. How her uncle has the rights and refuses everything. How he messed up JoJo’s career. I don’t like any of it.

    Brandy is a shady person period. Negative energy ALL around her. She’s so jealous of everyone. Monica has matured and Brandy is still a shady mean girl.

      1. Brandy refused to do the So Gone Challenge because she’s still jealous of Monica. Have you not seen the foolishness with this Preacher dude she was/is/maybe dating? Another baby daddy? She’s all about image. Remember her lying about being married? I know some things she’s done to people and she isn’t kind. Also the vocal Bible thing is a stretch. She can carry a note and do amazing adlibs but people act like she’s a voice that can handle/do anything. No, she has a unique tone. That’s different from being able to sing anything. She also has limited range and it’s obvious when she’s straining. Some people can effortlessly sing the telephone book and that’s why they’re called the voices of their generation. Brandy’s production is usually top notch. Her live performances leave much to be desired for me.

        For example, these 3 guys sang Have You Ever. Brandy could not even TOUCH the notes that they hit. And that’s not shade, it’s the truth. There are so many talented undderated people and people acting like Brandy is the second coming of singing is so…odd. Maybe it’s the nostalgia.


        1. ^ i’ve noticed when i was running in the new yawk local singing circle,
          she was “the standard” they all tried to emulate as far as runs and stacking vocals.
          they told me monica didn’t have the superior voice between the 2.

          1. brandy has a lower voice so she wouldn’t be able to sing very high notes, but her low notes are robust. her tone is very unique. her stacking of vocals on her albums are unmatched. his backing vocals sound cloud like. she is a very good singer. (people often equate high notes with singing well) high notes are nothing more than voice category. a soprano voice isn’t superior to an alto because a soprano can sing higher.
            other low singers: India arie and lizz Wright

      1. yep back in the day, brandy was saying aaliyah was too mature and that she wouldn’t be allowed to present herself in the same way.

        truth be told, “age ain’t nothing but a number” era was too grown for aaliyah. she was like 14-15 and they presented her like a grown woman. they even had her not answer questions about her age so people would assume she was older than she was. aaliyah was terribly exploited on that first album.

        1. Yep I was just about to comment that. She used to take shots at Aaliyah about how she dressed and said her mom do t care about her or something to that affect

  4. a, Jaguar Wright is out of her unaccomplished washed up mind. She’s the equivalent to that “shoulda woulda back in my day” barbeque auntie. All haphazard theories, NO facts!

    b, when Brandy worked with Timbaland it was shortly after Aaliyah’s passing. She was no longer working with Darkchild and Lashawn Daniels, so Brandy and Tim sought after each other. SHE DIDN’T EVEN WRITE TURN IT UP! Tim needed a creative outlet, and Brandy was the FIRST vocalist he trusted with his gift after Aaliyah’s passing. It wasn’t about Brandy and Aaliyah being close (even though they, like most singers and rappers of that time became somewhat close in passing so often). This was about the departure of an era. In “Should I Go” on the same album, she sings “It used to be a few artists at a time Now, even the veterans wait in line…This industry was more like a different world , When it was just me, Monica, and baby girl. I never got to tell you how much you meant, I wish you and me both was sittin’ here workin’ with Tim” So Brandy didn’t run to work with anyone. After Full Moon The Neptunes and Missy both wanted to work with her, but she vibed with Timbalnd more.

    1. True. Her dealings with Darkchild’s cousin caused a rift in their “friendship”. He told her not to get involved with him but she didn’t listen and ended up pregnant, and then we had that whole Oprah fiasco and everything else…which basically hurt the sales of Full Moon, one of her better albums.

      Afrodisiac was a great album, and Timbaland brought a lot out of her with that project. Sadly, it wasn’t a big seller either although it’s one of those albums that is on repeat for me. Crazy part is, Turn It Up didn’t even make the album! LOL

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