andrew gillum has something to say about kamala harris

andrew gillum is dipping another toe in the water.
he is slowly making sure he keeps his name out here.
he wished obama a happy birthday:

and now he has something to say about kamala harris on his ig…


his past posts ranged from 18k to 100k.
it’s not like he dropped to 2k.
this seems genuine.
andrew isn’t actually at the “popular kids” table.
when andrew got brought down,
kamala wasn’t even on the presidential campaign trail any longer.
i’m sure she felt compassion for him as an outsider in her own journey.

Andrew is gonna do whatever it takes to get back into politics.

even if he gotta rescue an old lady from a burning building,
he is gonna make sure he claws his way back.
i don’t know how he is gonna swing this,
but america loves a comeback story.

lowkey: he has to make a comeback somehow.
he cant go die under a bridge for a mistake.
this might be the lesson he needed to humble him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “andrew gillum has something to say about kamala harris”

    1. Yes, thats very compassionate of her and I’m waiting too for old boy to wave that rainbow flag. Hell he may have a tell all book. I know I’m buying that best seller.

  1. That was nice of her to do..speaks volumes. It’s so sad the mess he got himself in.. I think he’s handsome in a cute kind of way guy.

  2. Anything in possible when it comes to politics.Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was caught on tape smoking CRACK yet DC residents elected him to another term a few years later.I still wished Andrew would have stayed away ,off social media until next year.But that’s great that she reached out.

  3. When he gets his shit together, I’m asking wifey if I can be their third. No entanglements, I want permission! lol I’m studying political science right now so I can def help the second campaign….

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