when the bison dragged her like they had beef for years

the horns and the face alone already got me giving it 100 feet.
this is coming from me in my living room.
i don’t know what it is about white folks and wild animals,
but they never learn to leave them alone.
they legit be minding their business and not looking for no trouble.
bisons seem to be having the best year ever with the karens.
this one had to play dead:

but this one ended up getting dragged so hard,
she was without her bottom half by the end of it…


“I might be getting her death. On camera. Right now”.

“There is a buffalo up there with this woman’s jeans hanging from it’s antler.”

when i tell you i was screaming
i needed that laugh today.
it serves her ass right.
why tf was she trying to reason with a 2,000 killing machine?
especially one with a child?
like i told the pretty vixen earlier:

“These folks don’t know how to social distance with other humans during a pandemic,
why would we ever think they’d do the same with a wild animal?”

okay then.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “when the bison dragged her like they had beef for years”

  1. Yes!!!! Finally we have successfully trained our Bisons to handle the evasive species of “KARENS” in our battle for BLM!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha …. ( I love to see it)

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