the monsters have been let back into the streets (charles morgan)

if you didn’t know,
they have released a ton of criminals back into the forests these days.
you can thank the rona.
( x read it here )
( x another article here )
it’s about to be gotham city out here.
where tf is batman?
Lord knows we got the penguin as president.

well the following story made it all too real.
charles morgan (^above) went off to visit family,
but he never reached.
he was brutally murdered by a monster…

Charles Morgan was traveling from his home on Marthaโ€™s Vineyard, Mass., to see his father and brother in West Palm Beach on August 1 when he encountered some inclement weather. The 59-year-old custom home builder checked into a Rodeway Inn & Suites in Dania Beach, Florida around 9pm, hoping to see his family the next day.

But he never did. The following morning, Morgan was brutally stabbed and stomped to death in his hotel room. According to documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel,ย someone had stomped on his throat, crushing his larynx. He had also suffered several stab wounds.

Authorities soon focused on Alphonso Washington, another hotel guest. Washington, who had a long criminal rap sheet and was once homeless, had been staying at the property for at least two months prior to the incident.

According to the arrest report, surveillance video shows Washington and Morgan walking around the hotel grounds. Police believe that the men entered Morgan’s room together. Washington is later seen on tape leaving the room with a bag in his hands. A housekeeper said that she overheard an argument between the two men, and recognized one of the voices as Washington’s.

Authorities interviewed Washington’s hotel roommate, who said he saw Washington wash his clothes in the sink before leaving the room with an iPad that the roommate had never seen before. By the bathroom sink, cops found a white face mask with ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ printed on it.

Authorities arrested Washington and charged him with murder. He is being held without bond. He has not yet entered a plea and court records do not reflect an attorney authorized to speak on his behalf.

why would he let a stranger back in his room?
that is the part that baffled me.
am i wrong for wondering if these two were gonna hook up?
i mean,
i don’t want to rule anything out.
i’m friendly to a limit,
but i’m only letting another male back into my room if i’m trying to get smashed.

please stay vigilant out here.
things have changed and they are a shit ton of more crazy folks in these forests.
the rona has made it really dangerous now.
the pretty vixen was telling me that mostly homeless and crazy folks ride the mta now.
she took the train and it was really different.
i’m sending everyone immense protective energy.
i feel it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.
rip to charles morgan.

lowkey: these days,
i run my errands early and then i’m back in the crib.
i tell ya’ll if i’m not getting in someone son/daughter car,
i’m good.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “the monsters have been let back into the streets (charles morgan)”

  1. my god that is awful…..he trusted the wrong person…when there is almost no one in this world to trust except for friends and family

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