You Will NOT Racially Profile Drake and Get Away With It!

one another side of coachella,
drake wasn’t feeling so happy.
he performed to a crowd that accepted him,
but he didn’t feel accepted at a country club he stayed at.
“the madison club” in la quinta, ca.
well he is allegedly accusing them of racial profiling.
this is what he put up on ig only to delete it via ny daily news

Drake’s stay at a country club near Coachella was far from the best he’s ever had.

The rapper accused The Madison Club — a private residential community in La Quinta, Calif. — of racial profiling in a since-deleted Instagram post Sunday, a day after he made a surprise performance at the local music festival.

A spokesperson for the club could not immediately be reached for comment. The swanky home district, which features its own country club, is just a few miles away from the Coachella festival grounds, which are located in Indio, Calif.

well if he was racial profiled,
this is just the climate of the new america.
they don’t care how much money you have,
your status,
or even the likes you get on social media.
they will still treat you like common trash if needs be.
racism is alive and well in this day and age.
who happens to be half-jewish,
is no exception.
he did the right thing by blasting them tho.
hit em where it hurts.
future business and current pockets.
his stans are already in ( x their yelp reviews ) ackin’ up.
even though i’m sure business will still go on as usual,
they don’t expect you to have the power that you do.

lowkey: i wonder why he deleted it?
i hope he contacted a manager or higher up and went in.
i don’t play when it comes to bad service.

article: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “You Will NOT Racially Profile Drake and Get Away With It!

  1. He blasted them, but why did he delete the post?! If they did what he said they did, he should’ve left the post up. Maybe someone recognized him and they apologized immediately?

    1. ^that is a good theory c!

      he is a major figure in entertainment.
      that probably had the manager speeding to his room with fresh towels and a assigned minion to do whatever drake wanted.

    1. Billy B…I’m not a super fan either. He has a few songs that I like, and I do mean a few, but I don’t think he’s the rap god so many make him out to be.
      I still see that nerdy kid on Degrassi trying to be cool. LOL

  2. New America? Really? Country Clubs has always been known to be not very accepting period. Look at the Jews. Seriously, stop blaming Trump for everything, it getting childish…. If the alleged is true, I think it has to do more with the fact that Drake is half Jewish.

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