You Wanted George Hill Penis (You May Have Allegedly Gotten It)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.39.06 PMsooooooooo…
the f-bi is always on it.
i mean,
nothing slips past the foxhole.
i love you all for that.
so a f-bi sent me a care package about george hill and his alleged connectpal shenanigans.
this is what i got:

This is the video I told you I was gone send you that George Hill(yaboig_hill) posted on his connectpal back in January and quickly deleted. Please post it on your site being that he’s trying to charge 2k for a 30 second video of him hitting somebody from the back. ThanksĀ 

here is the alleged video for the foxhole review…


now that’s out the way…

giphyfirst and foremost,
we don’t know if this is g hill.
we can’t see his face or bawdy.
although i’ve seen that alleged couch in one of his videos before.
this was at the end of the video:


When-Youre-Trying-Throw-Shade-Bush-Your-Way…but again,
all alleged.
if that is george hill,
i have to say:


we don’t usually see that in one of these leaks.
the pipe looks pretty good from this view.
not 2gs worth,
but it’ll do.
the real question is:


i was mesmerized by her stupendously fat ass.
i forgot about him and ended up focusing more on her.
he should release this full video.
it may actually make his “fans” interested in him again.
they’ll be bored and that vixen will end up being the star.
i’d like more of her please.

*video credited: george hill


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “You Wanted George Hill Penis (You May Have Allegedly Gotten It)”

  1. It’s a no for me. He could’ve kept that.

    I miss the days of Mr. Marcus and Frank Shaft and J. Strokes when you barely cared to look at the female because they put it down so well.

    Porn in general has been lame as of late.

      1. theyre all hype. Nicely wrapped packages that can’t fuck worth a damn.

        Like you said snapchat is revealing a lot of these dudes to be LAME!

        Dallas Wade is so damn annoying and obnoxious on his snapchat he’s not even as attractive to me. Same with Steven Beck.

        I truly believe a lot of these attentionistos are goofy dudes that happened to grow into their looks lol

      2. @JAY YES!! LOL. I tried with Dallas but that boy is so damn EXTRA! He doesn’t have ONE snap where he’s ever serious. He’s always saying some cringeworthy sexual joke or doing weird shit. I guess it’s his ADHD so I’ll just leave it at that

        Steven Beck just posts snaps of him working out or in his car singing Lmao

    1. Shyt…Mr. Marcus STILL puttin’ it down! Why? He has CHEMISTRY with his co-stars!
      You don’t click with your co-stars…your performance will be whack! Just ask Castro! LOL

      1. Castro’s scenes make me cry. All of that junk down there gone to waste because you’re so accustomed into being a one trick pony. He can’t even get fully hard so the least he could do is appear to be interested. That dude comes into every scene with shades, pulls down his pants for the typical white bottom to start giving him head and then he struggle fucks him on a couch. White boy does a dramatic moan while Castro attempts to cheese and then the scene/position stays the same pretty much from there /End scene.

        I guess his role is to just give a BBC fantasy.. No foreplay

      2. Dont forget Nat Turnher. He is a freaking turn on. lol He doesn’t have the biggest porn dick (im guessing bout good 6.5-7.5 inches), but it is thick as hell. Nat puts it down. lol

  2. I am confused why would someone pay $2K or hell , even $2 to see that.Someone explain this connectpal site to me.Are people paying to see multiple videos? Do they pay for a month access to the video or several months? Help me understandšŸ˜‚

    1. Anyone that’s paying for any of those videos, woman or man, is the epitome of thirsty and desperate.

      I even saw a tumblr blog where they started a petition against George because his material isn’t new or exclusive and the losers were actually paying for it.

        1. ^he is?
          im shocked.
          i haven’t seen anyone really lusting after him anymore.
          maybe the vixens are hyping him up now?
          does he still have those crazy butt cheeks?

    2. I think they pay a fee for the month…and the person is supposed to release a certain number of clips in that time.

      1. I know right lol and I’m more understanding to SOME of these attentionistos

        He’s still sexy but in that alleged video if that was him it wasn’t anything special or worth to charge such a grand prize for.

  3. LOL y’all better watch out. George is an avid closet reader of the foxhole. When I tell you ole’ boy reads this y’all better believe it! He seems like the type to Google his own name. I remember when he conveniently posted a snap saying “fuck the haters” and mentioned paying 2k to see his peen literally a DAY after folks in here were dragging him in a post. I died

    And trust me there’s bitches out here with coins to waste paying to see a damn 10 second shower video. Y’all gone learn one day supporting these struggly porn stars

    1. Oh I believe it, for a lot of these male attentionistos when you do a Google search on their names this site is one of the top results that pop up besides from their Instagram or Twitter accounts.

      Shit to be honest they should be thanking Jamari for even sounding them out on such a level

  4. Heat is so overrated. He’s lucky he’s light skinned because he’s lacking in the rhythm department.
    The thick ass white and Latino go-go dancers at the gay club in Cali had more rhythm and natural sex appeal than him.

  5. There is an alleged photo on Tumblr of George Hill’s misshapen dick. I’m super good. He is not an attentionisto, but a whore. You charging $2,000.00 USD for a fuck video. Why? You have nothing going on in your life but a failed music career and you feel the need to compete against attentionistos that are actual movers and shakers in their respected fields. You too old and good looking for this type of behavior, George. Hang it up and look for something else besides asking people to spend their rent money on these lackluster videos.

  6. Maybe we are a part of the problem I mean females are not hyping these guys up it’s really just gay men. I mean I don’t know any female that’s going to pay money to see these guys connect pal videos all to see a dick or nudes.

    These pineapples know that deep down they can act stupid or homophobic but without the attention of gay men these guys wouldn’t be popping off. Maybe that’s why they can feel like they can charge two grand for video or tease and tease because they know that someone in the community is going to want it.

    1. Oh you better believe some desperate fag will pay for it. TRUST.

      You ever heard of Chaturbate? It’s enlightening. lol

  7. I honestly don’t know or understand what kind of woman these videos attract. EVERY woman I know swears that these men are GAY for posting seductive pics like this. They are not even remotely attracted to this. It’s one thing to have one or two sexy pics…’s a whole nother to devote your LIFE to it. lmaoo.

    Women aren’t buying this shit. They are not interested. If they are…they’re the THOTs that attentionistos hate. CONUNDRUM much?

    So you have a bunch of homos and Thots salivating over your pics. Mission accomplished? Cuz it aint helping your “career” much……..

    They only read these comments to call us haters later.

    We’re not hating. I promise. This is tomfoolery, and we’re just calling it out. Grow up. lol

    1. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. Most of my girl friends date guys with regular ass bodies. Most of my str8 homies are in decent/regular shape.

  8. Po George all that weed he smokes on Snapchat has clearly gone to his head, first making him think he has a viable career in music and next thinking somebody will pay 2K to see his peen. Pineapple please. You along with other attentionista who I must admit are good looking but when you all speak it’s a No for me Dawg. Lame AF, Dallas Wade, Chris Smith, Heat, Steven Beck, OMG the list goes on. Light skin, muscles and tattoos have carried many of these Lame Pineapples into social media stardom. Damn where was social media at when I was 19 and 20 and still had a six pack. Sadly, Georgie needs to give it up and turn it loose, his time in the sun has passed along with most of aforementioned attentionista’s, they are all old and by today’s standards of social media fame washed up even.

    Let me tell yall, there is a new breed of boys who are like 19 and early 20’s who are turning this social media attentionista fame into a different animal. So called str8 boyz doing all kind of gay things for likes and connect pal dollars. These lames who post pics in their draws and caption it gains or get mad when gay dudes compliment them, move out the way, these new dudes take request LOL it aint nothing too nasty they wont do. These new boyz have no hangups about other dudes watching them, complimenting them or females calling them gay. One day they are kissing and fondling females, the next day sucking a male up, hell I cant keep up. The Steven Becks, the George Hills and other attentionista’s who opened the door are yesterday’s news. Honestly has any of these attentionista’s made a viable career outside of Instagram or Snapchat sponsorship.

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