You Say Goodbye, I Say “That Fast”?

season finale already?
didn’t the game just start?
i mean i watched it for blue,
his pecs,
blue’s pecs,
and his chocolate gigantic pecs.
did i mention his pecs?
maybe chardonnay.
somewhat keira, jason, and tasha.
but how they just go to season finale after ten episodes.
wasn’t ciara supposed to be a character in this show?
i have a lot of questions,
but i’ll let you watch this season if you didn’t catch up

The Blueprint 1
We Gotta Stop Meeting Like This
Getting to Know All a Butt You
Guess Who’s Bizzack
Welcome to the Jungle
How to Lose All Your Phat in One Day
Blue Canvases
The Pre-season Game Episode

funny-gif-baby-reaching-spoon_largedamn jason let tasha have it.
i woulda socked tasha talking about my mama tho.
chardonnay is good for that.
i was yelling at the tv when pookie had jason hemmed up.
so keira let blue smash knowing she was a virgin?
just like that?
you would think a virgin would be more apprehensive.
i woulda let him smash all over that apartment personally.
i’m not a virgin tho so i maybe biased.
the real question is:


boogietonight did some serious f-bi work and found it!!!!

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