You Made A Fool of Me (Bitter)

folks don’t realize how bad they can hurt you,
but that hurt creates the best records.
every artist needs that pain to create magic.
i like to consider myself an artist.
the foxhole is a place where i can release that hurt for the world to read.
someone out there always benefits from it and we end up relating on a higher level.
i listened to an album today that nearly had me in tears.
i wasn’t sent into a depression,
but it made me connect with the emotions that was put into the record.
this is what i listened to…

“bitter” from meshell ndegeocello.
this is one of my all time favorite songs:

it’s funny how i loved the song before,
but after going through something similar,
it’s like she is speaking my situation/hurt in the lyrics.
that’s the part that makes me cry.
“you made a fool of me…
tell me why…
if i was putting together my life soundtrack,
it would be one of the songs on it.
i first heard it on “love and basketball”:

…and i was instantly hypnotized.
sad songs tend to put me in a trance of peace.
i never heard this album before,
but i decided to check it out due to the “she’s gotta have it” playlist.

the beauty of streaming music.
i love it so.
folks can’t relate to things that they never experienced.
some of our favorite songs and albums are birthed because our experiences.
i wanted to share this album with the foxhole today.
check it out!

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “You Made A Fool of Me (Bitter)”

  1. My home girl LOVES this album!…but I recall her saying she can only listen to this when in a certain/stable mindset; if already depressed, it may incite one to reach for the razor blade…kinda the same with Madame High Priestess of Extreme Tardiness Lauren Hill’s unplugged album.

  2. She was before her time. Incredibly talented. She has a new album of some of her favorite covers coming. Been rocking with her since Plantation Lullabies…glad shes still finding new audiences.

  3. I swear people sleep on her. I discovered this album when it came out back in 1999 and she’s been one of my favorite artists ever since. Jamari she has a song called “Lilliquoi Moon” on her Comfort Woman album. She also has a beautiful song called “Shirk-Desert Lily” that got me through a very bad breakup. You’ll love em..

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