He Had It So Deep Up In Him (It Was Hitting His Stomach Lining)

*the following entry gets the HIGHEST of parental advisories.
it may also make you vomit,
as i just did.
viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised

i don’t get it and don’t want it.
for some,
it’s the go to in sexual satisfaction.
what “way” is that i’ll never know.
well a foxholer sent me the following video that i HAD to show people.


the caption from the tumblr is:

“The fact that he can take all that is turning me on”

is that even pleasurable?

i thought something like ( x this ) was bad,
but clearly anything can be topped.

lowkey: i remember in high school,
a video was being circulated of a snow bunny getting killed by fuckin a horse.
or was it a cow?
or was a white male?

i can’t even remember.
either way,
i’m good.

video cc: tumblr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “He Had It So Deep Up In Him (It Was Hitting His Stomach Lining)”

  1. I remember that story it was a white man & a horse.

    I’m going to be honest I have no idea how fisting is the move to do especially the extreme level he was going.

  2. That is about filling some kinda hole in his soul. What’s next? Traffic cones? Telephone poles? As a top, a tore up, stretched out gaping hole is not a turn on. What is that shit gonna look like in 5 – 10 years. It’s is just not that serious people.

  3. I saw this a few days ago on Twitter. I’m sorry, but ain’t NO man doing that to me. That is seriously unhealthy. He probably ripped his lining totally leaving him open to diseases. And fisting involves a lot of trust in your partner. I don’t trust like that. 😖

  4. I wasn’t ready for all that 😩
    Reading is fundamental kids, don’t just look at NFSW and click without reading!!!

  5. I was a fisting top a few times ( most fisting tops are older) one of my bottoms was an older man who had, been there done that, he was telling me that drugs are rampant in the fisting scene. Meth and ghb are big and make you go for hours. My mind was blown.
    I will say that I only got mid forearm on him and he was in total excatasy. He was very strict with a lot of rules. He wasn’t high but he did smoke weed before .

      1. I think people forget the anus is a muscle. These people have to fist on a regular basis or they loose the ability to take a fist. A fisting bottom that stops will eventually tighten up. The fisting bottom still liked regular sex too. He said it was a total lily different feeling from fisting.

  6. What, J I’ve been a pro at this for 2yrs and some of these fine as dude love a fist shoved down that ass! Glad you open this topic for discussion cause I do feel like im the only one doing this. I felt like Winny the Poo digging for honey. I would tell my bottom dudes if they into it and they would declined but after the door is close, “Yeh stick your hand up my ass daddy”. It’s amazing how the tight hole can expand for a good thrust. I go slow with one finger then another and the hole hand. I don’t understand it just as long as im pleasing my man!

  7. Someone get me that bottoms cleaning out routine ASAP cuz he’s cleaner than a MF lol

    But seriously If that’s what some people are into I say more power to them,I’m not gonna throw hate or shade their way just b cause I don’t find it a turn on. Different strokes for different folks.

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