(Secretly) We All Want Odell Beckham Jr Milkshake

after all these years,
i’m learning the the recipe in the milkshake.
it really does bring all the boys to the yard.
i think i’ve secretly had it,
but as too scared to unleash it.
well odell beckham jr has that milkshake.
he has perfected his milkshake to fit his own life.
a foxholer sent me a picture and some comments that left my mind blown.
so odell put this picture on his IG the other day…

that is his bodyguard in that picture.
that is drake in his ig comments.
how many straight wolves are that confident to do shit like ^that?
the comments on bossip were high key disrespectful:

…but folks don’t understand odell.
that leads everyone to start talking.
odell poses “the milkshake” we all want.
i’ve learned that it’s very easy to achieve.


it’s not second guessing yourself.
it’s letting folks in,
but still remaining mysterious.
it’s making folks talk and not defending yourself.
you have to learn to not be so uptight.
ultimately it’s confidence and building your own personality.

we all have a milkshake.
once we let go of everything that holds us back,
we will ultimately release all the power that we posses.
in a werid way,
odell beckham jr is sort of my hero.
not even because of his alleged sexuality,
but because i admire his confidence and how he has no fucks to give.
i allow it.

lowkey: one of the biggest things i’ve learned is you CAN’T please everyone,
and because of that,
you should be fearless.
there is a weird peace in knowing that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “(Secretly) We All Want Odell Beckham Jr Milkshake

  1. lol, funny photo. I’m not getting “homo vibes” from it though, despite its suggestive nature. THe bodyguard looks like he wants to punch him, look at his fist. LOL. He is very open, which is nice to see.

  2. I know the “bodyguard” is a social media comedian. Trust me I follows my baby daddy (Zaddy Kanekongg). Not sure of him being a bodyguard, but we must secure the bag.

    1. Dude is beast!..and jai sexy…he’s actually closer to 300 lbs now since he’s been goin heavy in the gym, he jus hasn’t changed his profile header…I’m not sure he’s actually OBJ’s bodyguard though…

    2. Going by that pic alone, that guy is absolutely not 6’9. OBJ is 6ft flat. Even if he were to tiptoe, he wouldn’t reach that height on a guy who is 6’9. I dont think people realize exactly how tall that is.

    1. Honestly, it’s just black people that are homophobes these days. I mean we don’t ever hear about white people complaining about homophobia, its accepted for them now. We as black people still think “gayness” is ruining our community.

      1. Um, in Odell’s pics he has a bunch of white people calling him gay too. Especially those football fans. Bossip and Shaderoom are full of black people so all you will see is comments mainly from our side. But those non-blacks call him fags too, I see it all the time. The ESPN website comments when he posed nude were the worst.

  3. The crazy thing to me about all of this is if this was Rob and Big (Rob Dyrdek-skateboarder and Big Black-security guard), NOBODY would say shit! This is more about the unspoken expectation on black men about how they behave in public. It stems from the fear that our boys will grow up gay, so ANYTHING black boys do that could come off as questionable is frowned upon, made fun of, and detested as a way to deter black boys from continuing the behavior. White boys (especially with privledge) don’t grow up with that type of pressure, so they are more free to express themselves. Odell might have been raised differently, or he just doesn’t give a FUCK because he’s in a different tax bracket. Whatever the reason is behind his freedom of expression, I’m here for it 100%!

  4. Odell Beckham Jr and his body guard playful pics!… I’ll allow it in 2018.

    His bodyguard is definitely a big mutha….

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