Her Mother Cut The Hair Right Out Her Head

time out?
the belt?
how do you handle bad ass cubs nowadays?
i use to get the belt,
or whatever was around,
but as i’ve soon come to realize that i was being physically abused.
every parent seems to have a different method tho.
some work; others don’t.
well i saw something on “theshaderoom” that disturbed me today.
it was a mother punishing her daughter.
she had her hair like this:

…but she allegedly did something disrespectful,
so her mother did this for all of us to see…

i cringed.
did the mother have to put that online tho?
that was really disturbing and was a trigger for my growing up.
i could see my mother being okay with that video.
i feel like some things should not be online for the world to see.
we all know folks are punishing their cubs,

Do we need to have a front row seat to witness it?

 some of these folks don’t need cameras on their phones.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Her Mother Cut The Hair Right Out Her Head”

  1. When CPS knocking on her door then she’ll be all upset. People need to really think before they do things. These days, they will have your ass under investigation for saying Boo to your child!

    It’s not like back in the day when parents could probably get away with something like this, but to put it online…that’s extra.

    Reminds me of the time I got disrespectful as a pre-teen. My mom got my friends (unbeknownst to me) to gather around my window and listen as she gave me a beating. Talk about embarrassing!! I learned to keep my mouth shut. Lol
    To this day we get a good laugh out of that one.

    1. ^i’m so disturbed.

      i remember as a cub,
      one of my home wolves got in trouble.
      his father came home and was IN RAGE!
      i was over at his crib at the time.
      all i heard was my wolf friend screaming and this commotion in the bedroom.
      he was getting his ass kicked.
      his mother polite escorted me out,
      but it was scary to hear it.

  2. Things are so out of control with social media, every thing is being shown. Very little is private anymore. Seeing this is sad and so unnecessary for others to see. Also some one can interpret this situation as child abuse!!

  3. I seriously pray for the daughter that she doesn’t be scarred by this in any way. As for the mother, she has a long and hard life and road ahead of her, because God is going to serevely punish her for this.

  4. I totally agree! I work for CPS and that would be my main concern. The child is already going to be punished by embarrassment when she goes in public, is there a need to have a historical record of it?

  5. She should not have done THAT!…to her girl?..and put it online for the world to see? Yes, children can be prideful, vain, selfish, and disrespectful..and that’s why they (we!) get smacked back to break of dawn. But what she did to her was not only wrong but utterly cruel. She willnever forget it and she will never forgive it. What ever disrespectful words the daughter may have uttered could be forgiven by an Adult and a parent…but that was just plain wicked..like She’s never been hot in a** or flip mouthed when she was young. KMEA with that!

  6. This is just child abuse. We live in a climate where people are being harassed and children are bullied by any damn thing. And you want to just put your child in the line of fire. What the fuck? Some of these bitches are getting more and more fucking evil! And these punk ass dudes still refuses to use a condom!

  7. I remember hearing somewhere to never spank your child when you’re heated, something about doing it when you had a chance to calm down. When you’re upset or in rage you tent to do things with a different head on your shoulders and sometimes go too far. Even though I found the punishment cruel I’m not judging the mother for it ( because I know kids who parents did worse) but more so the fact she put it online for the world to see.

  8. Is it just me or is there a special tendency among people with apparent family history of chattel slavery to humiliate and abuse their children in public?

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