A Snow Jackal, Who Owns A Gay Bar In ATL, Is Racist (Shocked?)

you see that grill?
the look of shock and embarrassment?
that is how an alleged racist jackal looks when his mentions are in shambles.
everyone meet palmer marsh.
he owns a gay bar in atlanta (of all places) called burkhart’s pub.
can the atl foxhole confirm what the crowd of this bar looks like?
either way,
palmer is the “GOT EMMMMMMM” of the day.
his past tweets reveal his alleged racist ways.
this is what “raw story” had to report…

The owner of a gay bar in one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States is under scrutiny after racist Facebook posts he made in recent years re-surfaced.

As New Now Next reported, the posts were made by Palmer Marsh, the owner of Atlanta’s Burkhart’s Pub, and began as recently as 2015.

“If the South had won, we would be a hell of a lot better off,” one post from August 2015, which was still live as of press time, read.

Criticism of Marsh’s comments, some of which were posted as recently as this month, roiled over the weekend after a Facebook user posted screenshots of them.

“Obviously Vladimir Putin thinks that Barack Obama is a stupid n**ger,” he wrote in another of the posts. “He might just be right.”

After Marsh’s posts went viral, Buckhart’s general manager Don Hunnewell spoke to the Georgia Voice, saying “it took everything I had to soldier on and not terminate my employment agreement.” Hunnewell also said that Marsh and his wife and business partner Mary are retired and have “no active participation in the operations” of the pub.

there was this snow wolf i met at my last job.
he was sexy af.
his bawdy was crazy and i found out he use to play in the nfl.
i thought he was low key flirting with me too.
he would always want to sit next to me and give me the most intense eye contact.
“got emmmmm”.
i’ll give a snow wolf the foxtail if i’m attracted to him.
so i got to sniffin’ around to find out more about him.
a good fox learns about his prey.


he went to a trump inauguration party,
also found out he was in a relationship a trump supporting snow bunny,
and looked ecstatic that trump was in office.
i already know what “those types” are about.
moistness deactivated.

ya know,
i’m not trying to font all of the whites are racist,
but it’s getting really hard in 2018.
trump and his cronies are really exposing racists one by one.
it isn’t until i read stories like this that i gotta question how i view them.
your guard goes up completely.
i had to pose this question to the foxhole…

Do you think all white folks are racist?

even if they support “us”,
do you think there is a sleeping racist hidden deep within them?
one that doesn’t come out until opposing views are brought up.
let me know if i’m looking at them all wrong.

lowkey: i feel like i only fuck with the ones who grew up in the hood.
the ones who only been around blacks all they life.
or do we watch them too?

article cc: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “A Snow Jackal, Who Owns A Gay Bar In ATL, Is Racist (Shocked?)”

  1. I don’t think all are, but a majority are and good at hiding it. Also, his type of behavior is common in Georgia and you have many white guys craving blacks, but still being racist at the same time. For example, I remember a white guy, I had topped get made because I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore call me a “nigger,” and other names. I then revealed to him that his sex was garbage and he had no WALLS and blocked him.

  2. Okay, first of all, one passive glance at that pic of him leads me to believe he’s a BIG OL’ QUEEN, and clearly a self-loathing one; the ABSOLUTE worse kind (see Milo Yiannopolis)…he’s givin me Lindsay Graham vibes…and I don’t GA(flying)F if he’s married…hetero nuptials mean nothin to me, esp in a city like ATL, please…and besides,I don’t know too many str8 males out there who would want any affiliation with a bar known for drag shows…and if there are, I betchoo there’s some bent over skeletons in their closet…

    Secondly, naw, not all ypipo are racist/bigoted…there’s some decent, woke or awakening ones out there (see Tim Wise) and chick’s like this tellin nuffin but the troofus:


    She can be my +1 at the cookout…she jus has to stand on the sidelines while we Wobble though; I ain’t tryina teach shit or feel like bumpin into her all the damn time!

    1. Oh, and I’m pretty sure this club is patroned by mostly white men with a sprinkle of ‘sunken’ negroaches and other PoC…it’s in an area off Piedmont Ave with a slew of gay bars/clubs and adjacent to a predominately black club I can’t recall the name of right now since they keep changing the name and haven’t been there in yeeears.

      1. Lol, right…they’re not terribly far from each other, prolly like 1.5 miles from each other, but for someone from NYC, that’s akin to like 3 long ass blocks n shit…Bulldogs is in Midtown and this POS bar is in the Ansley Park area, which is really uptight n white.

        1. ^oooooh ok.

          see that was a good explanation of where they’re located jb.
          folks gotta be careful with the white gays too.
          as one of the foxholers said,
          some of them love bbc but will switch on you.

      2. Bulldogs, which was originally an all-white club, still owned by a white guy, is down the street from Burkharts. Bulldogs in on Peachtree. Burkharts is close to Piedmont Park on Piedmont.

  3. Yes, they will…I actually have a story similar to Rondo and believe it or not the dude lived near this Ansley Park area…it was a few years back. ..we had been chatting for a min on one of them apps, can’t remember…think it was Grindr…prior to meeting he had divulged so much info that I was able to do my ‘research’ and realized he was visiting professor of some sort in a humanities dept at a Univ. here in the area…this Univ also happens to be my alma mater (but I didn’t tell him this initially) so I thought, cool, at least well have that in common…so one night we decide to meet up at his spot..when I walk in, he looked nothin like the visuals on the app and the house was kinda creepy to me…basically our meeting lasted no more than 2 min right there in the foyer and I politely told him, mmmm not feeling this bruh, sorry (sumn I have NO problem doing if my expectations aren’t quickly satisfied)…and do u know this mofo got mad, said some racist ass shit (can’t recall exactly what it was…it wasn’t the n-word, but sumn along the lines of fuck your black ass and somev other shit) and slammed the door hard as I walked away, no joke…I had to laugh at myself b/c the few rare times I’ve tried to cross over and give the benefit if the doubt to a WB, inevitably they always fuck it up…usually I get turned off way before meeting face to face (like ‘ooooh,bout love BBC’ uuuugh), but I was pissed I wasted time and most importantly GAS to have this mofo think he was disrespecting me…so when I got in my car, he hadn’t blocked me yet, so I quickly wrote sumn to the effect that u clearly have me mistaken for these otha fools and that not only I knew where he was getting his direct deposits from,but that I have a diploma from it and I’m sure they would be horribly disappointed to know one ofv their esteemed profs held and utteredb some vile racist shit…I waited till I knew he read it (so it must’ve been on Jack’d) and then blocked/deleted him from memory…I actually forgot all about that until ol boy brought up his experience above…so now I don’t even entertain WBs at all!…I havev this one who hits me up every time they come to town, like 3-4x/yr for business and I jus ghost em…but he’s persistent a/f still!…I don’t get it…I am not the one, and won’t be on your checklist of fantasies…nope!

  4. Yes, all white people are racist. When you say ‘all white people’ they rush to claim that is unfair because they are ‘individuals;’ but this sense of individualism in and of itself is a privilege. Individualism is a facet of privilege.

    Folks get MAD when you say #AllWhitePeople, even Black folks, because we’ve been trained to look at white people as ‘individuals’ even though they are conditioned to look at us as a group. White people are raised to believe they are unique, special snowflakes- individuals capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to- while Black people are raised to believe we are part of a monolithic group; one that at any minute can be seen as a threat so we must act accordingly so as to make everyone around us *comfortable.*

    We do not have the privilege of individualism. So I don’t want to hear no shit about *not all white people.*

    Yes, all white people.

    All white people are products of a racist, white supremacist system, and therefore are indoctrinated with racist, white supremacist teachings. Can racism be unlearned? I think, yes. But most white people DON’T unlearn it, because they can’t even admit they have a problem. You can’t opt out of the system. You can’t opt out of your privilege. You can’t opt out of its benefits if you’re born with white skin.

    And it’s funny how we understand this when we’re talking about other forms of pathology. We understand that people growing up in abusive households have higher chances of being impacted by abuse. We understand that soldiers coming back from violent war zones have higher chances of being affected by post traumatic stress disorder. We understand that people in certain environments will be psychologically impacted in certain ways. But start talking about learned racism and, all of a sudden, everything we know about the human brain goes out the window because every white person is a unique special snowflake (with the magical mutant x abilities to not be influenced by their surroundings and the constant barrage of racist, white supremacist propaganda).

    White people have been born into this racist, sexist, capitalist, white supremacist society and from birth they have been imbued with its beliefs. All white people whether on a conscious or subconscious level hold an inherent racial bias.

    The most they can do is understand their privilege, use it to spread awareness, and WORK to unlearn their destructive, parasitic behavior. That’s how you white ally. And if they’re not actively working to unlearn racism then they’re not “allies.” They’re All-Lies. And I don’t give out honorary black cards or cookout invites to so called “woke” white people.They don’t get a cookie for doing shit that they’re suppose to be doing

    1. Best explanation I ever heard about this topic, when I tell you, you broke it all the way down. Wow you blew me away, this comment got me shouting all up and through here tonight, let the church say Amen cause you have preached tonight. #truth #hesaidthat #speak

      1. KDJ, I honestly couldn’t of come up with better wording. I enjoy coming to my favorite blog site and reading entries from like minded black men (and women). I find it to be refreshing and honest.

        A lot of us, gay and straight black people are getting TIRED of white people and white supremacy overall. I read the disdain on this blog when topics like these arise, and I also hear these same sentiments echoed in the personal conversations I have with friends and colleagues. Dr. John Henrik Clarke said it best when he said that we don’t have any friends. I feel a lot of us are finding this out now that so many racial injustices are going on nationwide. It is my personal belief that integration has failed us and has been a hinderance to the growth and productivity to the black community. The civil rights movement retarded the growth of the black community by integrating into white society. You cannot have “rights” as a black person in the system of white supremacy; you have allowances. And what can be allowed can also be denied.

        We have to be honest and and commit to a permanent divorce from everything white. White ideologies, philosophies, and doctrine have to be purged from our way of life and we have to go back to a totally organic and African way of living. Integration has failed the black people of this country. While the cause of the civil rights movement was noble and just, it has been proven time and time again that we cannot reason with white people or appeal to their morality. With us, they have none. It was foolish to try.

        I want to say this: I do think this present generation of black youth have a plethora of issues to deal with, but I do think that this generation will be the one to answer the white man.

  5. YES ALL WHITE PEOPLE! And other non-black people of color too! Y’all will get lost fucking around thinking these folks like you LOL!

    However I would never trust a white person. I’ve grown to learn that we live in a conditioned world where white people are raised (consciously) to think that they are better than the world so even if they smile in your face they will still INTERNALIZE the superiority complex. I laugh at POC giving them the benefit of the doubt and then crying when they inevitably find out that these people are indeed racists. F them!

  6. White people are very racist and can’t be trusted. I don’t trust very many of them…well I trust no man, regardless of skin color, but I’m pretty careful around Whites.

    Well, not all of them are racist but lets just say that quite a few of them love their robes in a sleek and smooth shade of white.

    Let me put it this way…the same way Black Heterobots tolerate Blacks gays is the same way White Decepticons tolerate Black people in general.

    White Decepticons like Black people when black people are benefiting them, such as in the form of entertainment…most popularly, sports like Football or modern day slave positions that keep them on a leash. The White Decepticons smile at you and seem sincere but dont be fooled, all snakes don’t hiss. Everyone one hates Blacks (Afro-Americans, Afro-Centric) because everything we touch, we light it up and dominate it from music, to movies, to dance, gymnastics, food, sports and so on. They are envious…

    You only become a problem when you want to “roam free” or present yourself better than them by not living up to their man-made racial stereotypes to belittle you to not realize your own potential..

    Make more money than them, get a better position on the job, a bigger house, a top of the line car, degrees, etc…This is when you will loathed. You will become that nigger from the ghetto, who sells drugs for money, lied on his application, on welfare with three baby mamas and seven kids, all loud and uncivilized “monkey’s”.

    I’ve said this before…This is a race with a long history to do only three things: Steal, Kill, and Destroy… They take credit for everything and anything any other race has done, claiming it as their own “invention”, they’ve killed off and conquered many populations (humans AND animals) for their resources and they’ve destroyed and warped the image of many cultures through false teachings of distorted history including diluting religion so much so that even Black Americans (& now the goofball Africans) believe in it. An active religion said to have be brought and created by the LOVE of GOD for humanity that actively promotes slavery, hate, incest and murder. It goes to show you how many woke folks are still sleepwalking.

    This is why Whites believe they are superior. Not because they are, but because they have learned to be masters of manipulation.

    I want to talk more but this post will get to long and I’m sleepy.

    Have a goodnight bundled up in the foxhole tonight.

  7. And guys just because somebody wants to have sex with you that doesn’t mean that they respect you lol. Racists have sex with other races all the time. Many people have dicks/vaginas which don’t align with their beliefs. They’re just horny and want to get off on what turns them on. People of all races are guilty of this. Sex to some people is just that, sex.

  8. We are all the subjects of our collective history – with perspectives deeply rooted in our personal experiences and upbringing.
    Children are not born racist.
    I love everyone here – mostly for your minds and hearts. The foxhole has been a great place to “un-learn” and re-learn, if you will. I have said this many times before, but Jamari and all the other contributors and readers saved my life – time and again. While my journey is beginning to open up and see light – It has been the foxhole for years that sustained me – that made me feel like I wasnt alone – or not crazy – that helped me open both eyes and put both feet on the floor those days I just wanted to die or quit. It was all of you – I don’t know any of you personally (at least I don’t think) I don’t know how much or how little melanin you have – but I know this feels like home to me…and where my pinkish pigmented ass comes from it’s called “Anam Cara”

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