Taye Diggs Loves His Cosplay, Don’t He?

i’m not fonting that this is true,
but if you told me taye diggs liked to cross dress,
i wouldn’t be shocked.
taye did “lip sync battle” in honor of christina aguilera.
song choice?
this is what he did…

this isn’t the first time taye has done this…


i’m starting to think taye is the go to “sexually ambiguous” wolf.
another one: channing tatum.
channing is a whole nother story tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Taye Diggs Loves His Cosplay, Don’t He?”

  1. I may get some hate for this, but majority of the dl guys I messed with were with white woman and would easily be willing to be a bottom. I am not saying Taye is bi, because I don’t know, but I easily get those vibes from him. Also, Channing previously worked at a gay bar dancing and was a known escort before his big break.

    1. ^this is why channing is another story LOL

      i also heard that too rondo about black wolves who date white vixens.
      i hear 90% of them would get down in a heartbeat.

    2. You’re not getting any hate from me. I agree, completely. They’re always with a white woman and those legs fly up in the air so fast and to me, they’re always dilated and ready to go. Many of the hungriest bottoms I’ve ever dealt with or have seen in porn for that matter are with women and they’re usually white.

      As far as Channing is concerned, it was pretty common knowledge that messes around with men and even had boyfriends, but as he became more famous over the years and has now gotten a little prestige to him, that info became a source or rumor and mystery. Just like Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and others. Channing has a thing for the brothas, too. We could get plenty of deets from Kerry Rhodes and those other athletes he rolls with.

  2. Taye Diggs was the first African American actor to take on the iconic role of drag queen Hedwig in the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

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