are we all becoming bitter about dating in the black community?

i got ^this dm today and it left me with a few thoughts.
it was ^this question that really made me take notice:

“Are we all becoming bitter?”

from what i see and hear around the black communities,
on social media and in irl,
i can honestly say “yes“.
almost every black vixen and alphabet gang member is annoyed.
a majority of black males just can’t get their shit in order.
it’s all for good reason tho.

Dating within black communities is the pits

but i did think this

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You Made A Fool of Me (Bitter)

folks don’t realize how bad they can hurt you,
but that hurt creates the best records.
every artist needs that pain to create magic.
i like to consider myself an artist.
the foxhole is a place where i can release that hurt for the world to read.
someone out there always benefits from it and we end up relating on a higher level.
i listened to an album today that nearly had me in tears.
i wasn’t sent into a depression,
but it made me connect with the emotions that was put into the record.
this is what i listened to…
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