X Marks The F0x: Busted Baller Penis Exposed?

Why do these groupie jump offs do this?

Why do they request a peen pic from a baller
and then want to blast baller to the entire world?
Makes no sense.

Now since I have stopped being part of the moral police….
where is Devin and Percy’s peen pics?

My wish was already granted with Big Willie….
Double Dick of Thomas and Harvin would make me a very happy little Fox.

Click Here To See The Peen———–> Baller Peen Files

None other than Greg Odom.

A face only a mother could love.

Later Foxes.

11 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: Busted Baller Penis Exposed?

  1. This images stand to prove once again why I date football players , cus even if the pee pee is lackin … and still got all that ass as a back-up. SMH.

  2. His face is very umm….special. I wanna see what kinda groupies follow him. Cuz they must be a mess themselves.

  3. if the picture gets out a) the baller wants it out or b) he has broken it off with the person whos has the pic and doesnt have that signed agreement (it was one of Jamie Fox male freinds who released his pic but he really didnt mind it helped him get with a current nfl player)

  4. nah,only a grandmother…did he play withit and is that
    an almost hard and soft shot…..anyways chickenheads
    is the devil.

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