The Straight Club

Or I as I call it, “The Peen Factory”.

I love going to straight clubs because there tends to be less drama…
… and I don’t hear Beyonce playing every other second,
with a voguing contest and drag show as the night goes on.

you are the flavored meat to a pack of wolves.
Wheras in a gay club, you are ONE of MANY.

Last weekend,
a promoter friend invited me to a straight get together he was having.
I think he gets down also, but I’m not sure.
He doesn’t know about me but I think secretly he wants too.
I would deal with him since he always has access to the latest and greatest parties,
but his breath drives me crazy.

Anyway, it was at a big club here in The Concrete Forest,
and like the social Fox I try to be, I accepted the request.

I went and bought something last minute, but nice, and got ready to do my thing.

When I got to the club, I spotted him at the door.
He AND his kickin’ breath got me in for free (yesssiiirrr) and I went straight into VIP.
I knew alot of the people that were also invited so I felt good to know I wasn’t going to be alone.

Pretty girls always bring pretty boys.
Ones of which you do don’t know get down or not.
(as I am one of the invitees)

… and I know ALOT of pretty girls.

One pretty boy in particular,
who we will call “Rambo” because his body was built as such,
was looking at me and then looking off – and that continued the whole night!!
So much so,
when I was doing my solo dance tip on the VIP stage,
he decided to stand next to me and we both recited the lyrics to “New York!!!! Concrete Jungles where dreams are made of…”

but his boy pulled him off to do their straight boy thing so I kept it moving to my Jamari Fox thing.
Nothing came of it, but I will see him again I’m sure.
(He did come and introduce himself to me at the end of the night… I’ll see him again.)

He was one of many.
Even from some of the dudes who were on the main floor were all in my grill as I was walking through and making my rounds.

It made me believe this D/L and discreet thing is become an epidemic.

Did I mention that it was PACKED and as I was walking through the crowd,
I was also running my hands across/grabbing the asses of dudes who were dancing or turned around?
I guess dudes like to be felt on because no one jumped or asked questions.
I got a cheap feel in the process.

There was this one dude wearing a purple polo,
body like whoa,
what I got to feel the ass and the back and when I tell you he felt so solid.

He was too busy giving it to some chick to even notice or care.

All in the name of fun!

Did I also mention that some drunk ho was getting fucked in VIP by Mister “Muscular Model in the Red Dress Shirt” ?


People thought she was just “ridin” him to the beat… until I peeped her get up and his phat protected dick plopped out and she readjusted her skirt quickly.
(the one she was wearing leggings with when I saw her earlier right? Hmmmmmm)
Everyone was backing them and it was crowded in VIP so no one really paid attention….. but I did.

Straight clubs are a great way to meet dudes who get down but are masculine and D/L or Discreet.
It’s the meeting part that is never easy because sometimes these dudes are all in packs and playing a role….. all still while checking you out.

One pretty girl of mine bought her fantastically flamboyant OUT gay friend and I observed how dudes were acting towards him.
Some were scared and alot of them were staring.
It was like they felt uncomfortable with him being there and in good reason.
He had on a plunging neck line sweater and bangles.
Plus his makeup was overly dramatic.

That is a no-no.

My advice,
if you are going to go into straight territory,
it is best you look normal.
Even if you are a pretty type of guy,
the less attention you bring to yourself: the better.
You do not want some drunk asshole trying to fight you because he KNOWS you are gay and is homophobic and acting a fool.

you may already be so obvious that it makes it easier for dudes to approach.

Let’s face it,
if you don’t have to question then the question is already answered.

So all those Foxes thinking they got it like that because dudes stay approaching them in the club…
You may just be more obvious than you think you are.

So try the next invite to the straight club sometime.
You may not be disappointed.

Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Straight Club”


  2. I never understood this concept of going to the str8 club. Too many boys i CANNOT have and too many fysh who can and still complain about it. I dont really know if i have the energy to be on the look out for the discreet ones who… chances are.. arent looking for much more than to use me as a chemistry set to experiment with. Eventually settling down with a fysh and leaving me high and dry. Granted, there are much more cuter guys to look at. But eventually one tires of just looking.

    1. You still go to have fun. I went not expecting anything and still didn’t expect anything. I did have dude who was peepin me and I’m now in his “mental roster” for future endeavors. I remember meeting a dude on a chat site who saw me in in attendance at a straight club. You never know until you go!

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