why did tyrese devon haspil chop up and behead his former boss?

tyrese devon haspil.
a handsome young 21 year old hyena.
super villain type of hyena.
he was a personal assistant since he was 16 to tech ceo,
fahim saleh.

well tyrese is accused of killing fahim,
which is the talk of the tech forests right now.
this is how it was done via “intelligencer“…

An arrest was made early Friday in the brutal murder of 33-year-old tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh, who was found dismembered in his Lower East Side condo this week. The suspect is Tyrese Devon Haspil, Saleh’s 21-year-old former personal assistant, who is expected to be charged with second-degree murder, among other crimes, according to the Times.

Several days after Saleh’s sister found his body, police are beginning to piece together the events that led to his killing. They already knew that a man dressed in a black suit followed Saleh from his building’s elevator to his apartment, used a stun gun to immobilize him, and then stabbed him to death. Investigators believe that happened on Monday.

The killer returned the next day to clean up the crime scene but was interrupted when Saleh’s sister, stopping by to check on him, buzzed his apartment. Investigators believe the killer fled the apartment when Saleh’s sister arrived. When she entered, she found her brother’s body, decapitated and dismembered in trash bags. An electric saw was still plugged in nearby.

the possible motive for such a heinous murder?

Detectives believe that the motive for the killing stemmed from Mr. Saleh having discovered that the assistant had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from him, despite the fact that Mr. Saleh had not reported the man and had set up what amounted to a repayment plan for him to return the money, one of the officials said.

so this is where i have questions.

Why would you let your former assistant into your condo?
What was Tyrese’s end game after this murder?
Was this a crime of passion?
How did these two even meet to start working at 16?

he stole from him.
why was his former boss like:

Come on up!”

…as they rode up the elevator together.
the pretty vixen has an interesting theory:

this is all very interesting.
i’m sure the details will emerge as he is being questioned.
you know they’re already starting:

my guess is he chopped him up so he could transport the body out,
but after that was done…

What was next?

i don’t think he thought that far ahead.

lowkey: new yawk has been WYLDIN.

article cc: here

read more: here | here

see the victims ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “why did tyrese devon haspil chop up and behead his former boss?”

  1. American Psycho written allover and thank god he didn’t get away, very very messy. I bet he didn’t plan his calculating scheme through and most likely surveillance caught his ass.

      1. Hey, check the reddit news post about this. A couple guys in the comment section knew him because they went to HS together….

        Said he had a nice apartment (post high school) but in high school he had a lot of expensive designer clothes and his family wasn’t about making all that money.

        If he was working since 16, it’d explain all of the swag, but WHO trusts a 16 year old with that, especially when he’s not a CPA. How is he accessing an account worth millions? Even if he was 21, those numbers are above his pay grade unless he got that accounting degree.

        This is all odd…

    1. This is why I say y’all fake, phony and stupid. Had a black person been killed y’all would not try to justify his killing. Now y’all trying to see why he was hired because of his age being young. Bottom line the killer is black and it’s a lot of black people out there that ain’t shit. That guy did not deserve to do die unlike Rayshard brooks

      1. Lol what? Jamari you gotta do something about these weirdo white dudes commenting LOL. BLM has them SHOOK.

          1. Plz ain’t no white person coming to this site to see Jamari lust over abs and gossip over ig guys. Not to mention listen to him harp about his insecurities, no job keeping and he so fugly his face is no where to be found on the his own website. Wit his broke begging self. Asking people to donate to a go fund me. He might wanna start being a republican cause being a democrat ain’t working at ALL.

          2. ^now wait a damn minute…

            i ain’t NEVER asked anyone to donate to a go fund me 🤬
            don’t add lies to make your shit pop.

  2. You are asking the right questions. I don’t think the CEO is 100% clean in this story. I would actually not be surprised to find out that Tyrese was being used by him.

    1. And, if you look at the CEO’s highlighted ig stories, he got an album of his dog and you will see a video of Tyrese playing with his dog. The way Fahim is talking to other people and to his dog in these videos is not very reassuring.

        1. Sounds very arrogant and dominating. He might just not be the nice flawless businessman who “believed young Nigerians were extremely bright and talented” [NYT] that the media is trying to sell the story of.

  3. Something is off with this story…Could they have been fucking?
    21 and borrowed over a $100,000 dollars…why?
    I’m sure his boss knew he could never pay that money back.
    What he did was evil as hell.
    Then he goes about his day like nothing happen.
    You never know what’s in someone’s mind.
    Another reason I stay off those dating/sex apps…I’m not saying this had anything to do with a sex app.
    Just saying it’s hard to trust people these days.
    Stay safe 💚

  4. I think people are underestimating what jealousy can do, AS WELL AS how deadly underestimating another human can be! I think the assistant got caught, however the young guy was pretty rich at this point so money was no big deal to him, he probably valued his relationships more at this point; decided to give dude another chance as long as he pays it back, ole boy wasn’t TRYNA pay that shit back, Dude started to wake up probably said “ok well if u DONT pay this back then I’m gonna report what you did” and unfortunately the man decided to kill him as a result, I don’t think it was much deeper then that, large amounts of money and feelings of “this should be mine” will make people do horrible things,

    1. OK, but if money was no big deal to him, and if he was smart as portrayed in the media, couldn’t he have figured that a 21-year-old would not pay him back before long? Is it possible that he might have expected something else from Tyrese (or from a third person in a triangle relationship), and he started exercising too much pressure on Tyrese to get that thing?

  5. Stabbing are usually crimes of passion. I’m gonna go on a strong limb and say some fuck-ation and feelings were central to this story….

    It’s crazy to think someone you know for years and are comfortable with could 1. Be comfortable enough to steal thousands of your dollars and 2. Be savage enough to take your life and attempt to dispose of you like in the way he did.

  6. So much is so disturbing about this story, but above all, getting tasered and stabbed to death then sawed up is about as horrible a murder as anyone can suffer. Fahim Saleh allegedly created a payback plan instead of going to the cops about Tyrese Haspil’s alleged theft, so why would Haspil kill the person who was keeping him out of jail? Now he’s going with no chance of ever getting out. Also, what kind of 21-year-old person can go saw somebody up, and, on top of that, with “precision”? Who is this person? I guess we’ll find out. Also, the stories let you know that if you use a Taser, they release tiny particles that allow cops to trace the Taser and owner which is how they caught Haspil. They confirmed it was him because he then allegedly used Saleh’s credit card to buy his female friend birthday balloons. Did he want to get caught?

    1. Because Haspil has envy & hate in his heart, one can’t expect someone that stole tens of thousands in the first place, to ever be Grateful that the person they stole from is offering the chance to pay it back, in fact that probably enraged this Narcissist EVEN more!

  7. This is a sick and disturbing story. Imagine how angry you have to be to decapitate another human being and for him to do that at such a young age. In order for a person to do that, they had to have some sort of practice, even if it was on animals.

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