Who Wants To Play “The Massage Game”?

The Game is a tricky character.

One minute, I find him attractive and would let him fuck my brains out.
The next, he does something/say something stupid…
(like when he spit on that chick from VIP)
…then, I want his head.
(and not the in the good way).

This is one of the times, I find him attractive.
Check these quick cum shots on Instagram

He has a great smile…

Is it me or does Game have a nice Wolf tail?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su1v6u9JnkI]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut-QSI5yDUM]

Are we feeling The Game in the Foxhole?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Who Wants To Play “The Massage Game”?”

  1. Wolf tail hell that looks all fox to me. We forget he was a male 4 male stripper back in the day

  2. He is handsome, but he ruined himself with the tattoos.

    He does have a fat ass, but I thought it was fatter. I would still hit. He’s sexy as hell.

      1. He has a pretty face. Just imagine how fine he would be without the tattoos. He would be dangerous.

  3. I always been feeling his ass… He’s that thug u fantasize abt, him fucking u while his pistols on the night stand.. lol… He is fine… but its just a dream for me, I couldnt see myself really being with someone like that fareal….

      1. Dead@pistols on the night stand. Not naw, but hell to the naw.

        JT has always been attractive: cooper skin tone, big brown eyes, big hands, big nose, big biceps) he is a fine ass average dude not too much of anything except for the tats, he’s just right. Me likes.


        Since when did dudes start dying their hair with Kool-Aid? Check out the lil’ midget with the red shirt and the Rihanna-Red hair.

  4. Yup, he is still my dream husband. I think he’s borderline perfection. I don’t really see all the flaws everyone is talking about.

  5. i used to think he was total top.. till i see him now as a vers top if top

    all his gayly comments gays run the world, wanting to be a “metrosexual” etc.. zesty

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