Fake It Until You Can Believe Your Smile

make sure its not crooked.
hold my hand.
i need this to be perfect.
we need people to believe this.
most importantly…
i need to believe this…

i use to believe the filter on pictures.
while it tends to make a picture look great,
the un-edited shot is usually the most truthful.
thats the one brings the most beauty
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Smile, You’re On Jamari Fox

tumblr_mj9h63ZwEP1r7ikamo1_500“why don’t you smile?
you are such a handsome young man,
but every time i see you,
you are never smiling.
the day goes by faster that way.”

…as the older white snow bunny said,
putting a chocolate candy on my desk,
and walked away smiling.
i almost rolled my eyes,
but i didn’t want to be rude.
i guess i was supposed to be smiling while staring at my computer screen?
“i’m doing a riveting word document!
lets smile at the arial font!”
i was confused…
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Everyone Meet My Brand New Piece of Pussy.

it has two definitions.
it can be that thing you have on your face when you don’t shave for 2 weeks.
like, now.
baby when do you plan on getting a cut?
you look terrible.
or it could be:

the big breasted,
shiny haired,
“look like you have good pussy”,
vixen you usually saw in your dreams or a magazine spread for bras.
today foxhole,
we gonna talk about the beard,
or to some of us:

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Who Wants To Play “The Massage Game”?

The Game is a tricky character.

One minute, I find him attractive and would let him fuck my brains out.
The next, he does something/say something stupid…
(like when he spit on that chick from VIP)
…then, I want his head.
(and not the in the good way).

This is one of the times, I find him attractive.
Check these quick cum shots on Instagram

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Meeting Shawn Sutton

I met him at a Fashion Week event
and Foxes,
he is just as FINE in person…

Maybe even finer.

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