Meeting Shawn Sutton

I met him at a Fashion Week event
and Foxes,
he is just as FINE in person…

Maybe even finer.

He actually came up to me and said something.
I was eye fuckin the hell out of that strong back of his, I know that much.
I wasn’t even nervous at all.
He had a certain something that drew me in.
Beautiful smile… nice eye brows….nice chest….
He was one of many fine models but him being the only black dude
made him stand out even more.

I got some Wolf like huntin coming out of his body language.
I could have been wrong.
Either way,
I wanted to continue talking with him but he was being pulled in every which direction.

It’s ok.
I am sure we will meet again.

And when we do….
And the feelings are mutual….

It’s on.

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