The Fool and The Liar

Update on Cam and Ex Model

(I swear her crazy ass gets points for those wtf faces)

Remember I blogged about a fione dude I met on the train that looked like Cam’ron?
Went and got that number like it was nothing?

(Research: Cam)

Well, he turned out to be an idiot.
Surprise, surprise…

I texted him to let him know that I got his number and to let him know I got his.

No response.

I took it as maybe he is busy and I’ll just wait a minute.
So I texted him two days later:

“Hey wassup, this is Jamari. I am just letting you know who I was. Dude you met on the train who was asking about the tattoos.”

I get a reply like 15 minutes later:


So I replied back:

“So did your tattoo hurt when you got it?”

You know,
to get the ball rolling and get this muthafucka’s balls rolling.

Since I asked that question,
like two weeks ago,

I haven’t got a response yet so I am guessing it did hurt.


Why would you say all of that and give me your number…
and then do not return the favor?
That was stupid on his part.
Either way,
I deleted his number out my phone and it’s on to the next one…



Ex Model

I went into a popular department store to go get a Lacoste Polo.
I needed something spiffy for an event I had coming up.
This guy was folding up clothes and I noticed he had a real nice bubble ass.
He had a tite little body but he was on the fem side.
Plus he had a really big head.

So I go to ask him about a particular shirt and when I see his name tag,
low and behold,
it was Ex Model…. in the flesh.
He photo shopped his pictures online because when I focused on his face, I could see the resemblance but skin was not that flawless.

I will say this: he wasn’t my type.
It explains why he would never call or show recent pictures.
He was recycling the same picture for two years.

Lord knows if he was even a model.
He was way to short to even be considered.

So there you have it.
A fool and a liar.

God must be protecting me from something.
I guess he is holding me single because the right Wolf is coming.
And that mothafucka will be the ONE to show me why I was waiting.

Stay tuned.

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