Smile, You’re On Jamari Fox

tumblr_mj9h63ZwEP1r7ikamo1_500“why don’t you smile?
you are such a handsome young man,
but every time i see you,
you are never smiling.
the day goes by faster that way.”

…as the older white snow bunny said,
putting a chocolate candy on my desk,
and walked away smiling.
i almost rolled my eyes,
but i didn’t want to be rude.
i guess i was supposed to be smiling while staring at my computer screen?
“i’m doing a riveting word document!
lets smile at the arial font!”
i was confused…

so i don’t know how to do that “smiling” thing.
you know how it goes?
having this smile stretched across your mouth “just because”.
giphyi guess i’m just notthat person”.
well i don’t think i’m that person.
i mean i could be that person.
now don’t get me wrong.
i smile.
i’m not some depressed zombie walking around.
i smile when i’m talking to a fine wolf,
around my people,
spent money,
or writing on my blog.
all “mr smiley” right there.
i keep my “britney spears gif” face on when i’m out and about.
some people call it “an attitude” or “intimidation”.
i call them “bitches”.
i also call it “why are you talkin to me?”.
i’ve just always been that fox.
maybe i need to try something new?
i guess what i’m trying to say is i don’t know how.
i don’t know how to “smile” just off the random.
it makes me look awkward.
hell uncomfortable.
giphy-1shit maybe it’s not my problem.
maybe it’s hers?
maybe her problem is she smiles too much?
give me some money,
a wolf with a “cum fuck me” body,
and some likka,
and watch how fast my teeth brighten up the room.
uh huh.
we vibin’.
i’m smilin’.
maybe i’m just fine being who i am and i smile when it’s needed.
i will not be smiling like a giddy idiot on the way to the short bus.
have people ever thought about that?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Smile, You’re On Jamari Fox”

  1. That’s that New Yawk East Coast hospitality talkin. Y’all are born rude and mean mugging.

    White people are used to putting up a forced smile because they know how to be fake. They’ve been doing it to Black people for years. Smiling in our face while calling us a niggre as soon as we turn around. It’s hard for Black people to put up a front of liking somebody when we really don’t like them at all. It’s just not in our blood. The most we can give is a forced head nod.

  2. You are still in the process of understanding how the universe works. Instances like that one happen for a reason and we tend to miss the messages in them. She was telling you to change your vibration. A from forces greater than yourself trying to remind you to get back on your high flying disk. There was a lot of resistance expressed in this post. You are complicating something that is very simple.

  3. J i mastered that smiling thing now, First time i was naive and actually was very genuine, everyone liked me, would stop to say hi, but when my manager wanted me gone they all smiled as my ass got the boot. So HR decided to send me far away so my second repeat i learn to fake it, cause my injustice face was really scaring people.

    Cause somehow telling people go f*ck themselves with a pleasant demeanor doesn’t make you a bitch. Case: I recently told a co worker stop chilling by my desk went like this

    Coworker: MORNING *yea his ass is loud and like a pack of fing skittles, whole lot of rainbow*

    ME: hi morning *smile plaster on lightly * How are you?

    Co worker: I good *still loud as f*ck* and starts some confo*

    Me: *light smile still plastered on tight* OK STOP…..i mean this in the nicest possible way, but your gonna have to stop hang around my desk, *he stops talking everyone turns and starts to watch * yeaaaaa i dont want my supervisor or management coming down on me because you chilling by my desk *supervisor walks out dumb look on her face*

    *so i stopped, looked around and said smiling* oh i wasn’t suppose to say it like that?

    Co worker: * starts to laugh* and the merry band of hypocrites start to laugh as well*

    when we all finished laugh, my serious face came out and i was like “i’m serious you need to move” and he just walked off laughing.

    Since then J he don’t be rachet around my desk he keeps the rainbow moving hi,morning and he gone.

    1. I would of just said with a smile on my face ” you having a good time in front of my desk?” he would of got the message

  4. The presentation was all wrong(I.e. corny), but the idea is correct. Put a small mirror within your line of sight. It’ll force you to smile.

    You’d trip if u knew how long some of my coworkers got away with not doing any work, just because they smiled all day.

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