The Foxhole Still Has Aaron Maybin’s Back

Do you know,
when I first started this site,
Aaron Maybin was the FIRST Baller Wolf I featured?


(wow how much have I grown in my site lol)

I was in love with his body and those delicious lips.
I think he is sculpted perfectly.

He has since had a beautiful baby girl and was drafted to the New York Jets.
I have since moved onto Devin Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and countless others (I’m such a whore).
Aaron took a cum shot of his back to remind me why I would let him jump on mine…

i love that dip in a Wolf’s back above his tail.
you haven’t lived until you slowly ran your hands down til you reach there.


Who would like to scratch all over that back?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Foxhole Still Has Aaron Maybin’s Back”

  1. Tyra I would Jamari!!! I still remember that post you did about him it’s one I the things that drew me to this blog. Aaron Aaron Aaron the things I would still do to you. Not to mention he’s a nupe so you know he knows how to eat some cakes lol

  2. I’m not a fox, but I’d love to see that back in motion.

    BTW – Your foxhole throbs when you see meat that you want? Is that a common factor among foxes?

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