Who Is Your Favorite White Folks You Giving An Honorary Black Card?

i think this might be our problem right here.
giving imaginary seats and cards because “they” cosigned with “us”.
so bet has a new show,
“black card revoked”,
coming out next week.
this is what they put up on their official facebook…

i vote none of them.

don’t know who gary owen is
1% black is not getting demi lovato shine

here’s an idea!
just maybe…

We should stop making our culture so inclusive!

it’s not a revolving door for folks who “might/could” be down.
bet should know better.

lowkey: do other races make polls like this?????
we always trying to make folks feel included and welcomed.
when we want to participate with others,
they damn near send lock the gates.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite White Folks You Giving An Honorary Black Card?”

  1. There a multiple invites to the cookout sent out to JK Rowling over at TSR since she acknowledge #blackhogwarts.

  2. y’all really need to stop w/ these cook-out invites and shit like they giving one to a white dude w/ dreads that just repeatedly says gucci gang and that’s all.

    As much as we drag uzi, yung thug, and etc. for being soundcloud mumble rappers y’all want to give a white dude w/ dreads a pass because “he knows the culture y’all.” BET needs to be stopped let’s just create another black owned channel like tvone.

  3. No damn body! We are forever trying to be so inclusive of others when others aren’t trying to include us. Let that Coon By Ya bullshit go!

  4. Bet been cancelled ever since they made that ignorant remark about Blue Ivy’s afro. That was just disgusting, all for laughs too smh.

  5. I could have sworn I eluded to this very same thing in my post hoovering in the Bruno Mars and Cardi B thread!!!!!..🤔🤔

      1. Lmao. I’m saying. I was looking at that list like ….who they be. I recently just heard of Lil Pump and that girl from your past post, idk wtf them other people are though.

        I think that even though Bruno is talented, he and Cardi are just chess pieces in the Master’s game.

  6. Interesting Post Jamari. I wonder how loud the outcry would be, if a popular white website did a post like this. Asking it’s readers which ‘C’ listed black personality they would give an honorary ‘white card’ too?

  7. I want to know what Coon ass fool made this word black card up. WTF is black card anyways the only one I know is the one in my bank account hell you thought this was.

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