Will It Come With “Long Strokes” or “Fuck Me Stupid” Settings?

i had a sex dream that woke me up a 445am this morning.
i was so horny that i had to get one off before my alarm went off.
since i don’t have a wolf to wake up for sex,
i had to handle it on my own.
well for those of us who don’t do randoms from sex apps,
your next future dick might sit in your closet.
all you’ll have to do is turn him on and….
check out what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail”

Male sex robots with bionic penises will be rolled out this year according to the  pioneer of pleasure behind the popular female versions that dropped last year.

Matt McMullen, founder of Realbotix, is the man who created Harmony, an artificial intelligence app that syncs up with a robotic head system.

The application enables users to match an AI personality with a humanoid robot head, to create the most realistic sex doll imaginable. 

Harmony allowed the android companions to talk, learn and satisfy customer’s sexual desires.

Currently there are only only female versions of Harmony avatars and robotic heads – and they cost around £11,000, but Matt thinks there is a demand for male versions.

‘We’re working on a male version of the robot AI,’ Matt told Daily Star Online. 

‘We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.’

On the size of its manhood, Matt said the male sex robots will come in all shapes and sizes.

if i can pick his bawdy and dick size,
i might just be sold on this.
i can shut him off from saying stupid shit,
i won’t have to worry about him acting like a fuck boi in dms,
and he won’t bring me back nothing but occasional dust
you’d fuck with mr. bionic too.
lowkey: if mr. bionic can grind up all in me like this…
…whats the layaway plan looking like?
article cc: daily mail

8 thoughts on “Will It Come With “Long Strokes” or “Fuck Me Stupid” Settings?

  1. These people are crazy! I actually agree Jamari! No problems and all fun SIGN ME UP! I’m sure they can warm up as well if you’re looking for warmth and making a connection with a person is sooo 2007.

  2. As fun as sex toys can be it still doesn’t feel the same w/o the interaction. I guess that’s what makes sex better is the interaction and etc.

    It’s similar to a comic I’ve been into called alex & ada where a guy falls in love w/ a robot because society has created love robots. I might if it’s really really interactive but currently it looks like a no. lol

  3. Those kind of sex dreams/fantasies are the worst when you’re alone lol 😂

    As far as the advanced sex doll it’s gonna be a no for me, I need real human to human interaction and the real pipe. Dildos and such don’t do anything for me

    P.S. This story reminds me of a comice I used to read when I was younger called Absolute Boyfriend, in that story the A.I. Male look, felt, and acted liked a human.

    1. ^that might be coming the way technology is going mikey!
      he’ll cook breakfast,
      take out the trash,
      and shoot someone with a missile too.

  4. Lol. I’ll pass on that. I need the real pipe and cakes. The only rubber I want to feel is the barrier to protect against STIs/and to stay hygienic.

    1. ^shit nothing is better!
      imagine if mr bionic turns on you like in the movies.
      next thing you know he and his “kind” hang up for total world domination.
      if they can get trump outta here,
      ill be for it.

      1. Right. A robot malfunctioning while thrusting in your cakes is definitely not a situation If wanna be “stuck” in.

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