T.I. Spying On Gay Males and Agreeing With Nispey Hussle

what is t.i. doing nowadays with him time?
professional chaser behind tiny?
i use to rock with t.i. so heavy too.
not so much.
 in his latest clownery,
t.i. allegedly decided to chase behind two gay males.
zell of “love and hiphop hollywood”,
and kevin leroy on “black ink crew”,
were flirting heavy on ig live:


“the shade room” posted about it,
and randomly,
t.i. found himself in the comments.
this is what he had to font

does t.i. realize nip got dragged for that shit?
those two weren’t hurting anyone on their ig live.
they didn’t ask to be on “the shade room” either.
he finds himself under that entry to make a comment?
that says more about him than them tbh.
instead of worrying about what they’re doing,
he should be worried that his last hit was 2014.
he fucked up his reality show bag with the cheating.
he might need to re-evaluate what he is doing.
with all them cubs he got,
a banishment might not be what he wants.

lowkey: i feel sorry for tiny.
ain’t no pipe in the world would make me deal with him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “T.I. Spying On Gay Males and Agreeing With Nispey Hussle”

  1. first off kevin don’t do it to yourself I know you like them wild cause you did fuck around w/ that dude w/ the split tongue but Zell is not a good move for you.

    second t.i. needs to find some business don’t he have a struggling rap career to fix? that girl group that he was trying to make happen to promote? a side piece to fund? it amazes me when straight dudes think they need to be involved in everybody else business but theirs and then get mad when you point out that they got shit lol

    Why are straight men so involved in our shit more than we be involved in it?

    1. Because @Ronnie they ain’t straight…..This lame ass washed up rap nigga is projecting his inner insecurities.

    1. ^Exactly. Controversy keeps your name in the spotlight.
      Sad part is, these fools are fooling no one. I’m surprised no one in his camp was like, why you following/looking at them anyway?!
      The ones who protest so much usually are the ones with something to hide, and are fighting their demons.

      1. TI is trying to keep the focus of Tiny and his turned sham of a marriage. He supposed had another woman in one of the bedrooms when Tiny supposedly drops the youngest two off with him, but I don’t believe it was a chick.

  2. Another fake deep hypocritical wack ass “rapper” chiming in giving their worthless 2 cents that hold zero value. TI is the last person I would take any advice from. I wonder how the doormat Tiny is doing? Knowing that she went to a Dominican basement surgeon to pump fake inhumane shit up her ass and get a whole new eye color to try to keep an ain’t-shit nicca from straying.

    If only she knew she was selling herself short.
    Her baby daddy is an Ole’ dirty dick, slave talking, washed up, multiple baby mama having, tired ass buffoon still trying to rap when he’s damn near at the brink of middle age.

    Nipsey Hustle is the definition of a “never was” so why is he talking? So protective of the image of black men but have no problem perpetuating negative stereotypes of black men by failing to remain monogamous and having babies out of wedlock with different women. But it’s so funny how these “straight” men have ZERO issues with that when that seems to be a PANDEMIC with black american heterosexual men. If they want to fight negative stereotypes then maybe they should look a little CLOSER to home. Because last time I checked, black men aren’t stereotyped negatively as a COLLECTIVE about anything relating to homosexuality, it’s that baby mama quota. Which seem to be ubiquitous with all of these “straight” black men. But they all silent about that huh? Trash bags. All of them.

  3. Jamari don’t feel sorry for Tiny, she chooses to be with that lame washed up ass nigga of hers. You’ll notice the ones that love to talk about us gays, they never can keep their dicks in their pants? They stay cheating on their wives, fiancés, and girlfriends. The black community is so f**ked up with their thinking on the gay topic, and that’s why so many black men are afraid to come out, and stay in the closet. In the black community you can be a drug dealer, women and child abuser, thief, alcoholic, cheater, but lawd please don’t be GAY. We have to pay these lame dusty ass niggas who constantly look down on us gays no attention. Also I will not be watching ATL 2 or whatever they call their film. Let’s stop supporting and working with these homophobes, then they will see that gays are everywhere, and these lames probably have one that’s signing their checks.

  4. I agree with you no he don’t have a say in what they are doing, but at the same time is there anything private now days, what was the need to go live

  5. Happy New Year to you Jamari. Now here is my take on this, Clifford Harris should stay out of people’s business and mind his own. I’m done with his waffle color slave pineapple ass!

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