Where The SlapMyFatty Went

speaking of “bunz” and “for sale”

Which foxholer is following Slapmyfatty on IG?

i’m not.
it’s not that i don’t want to,
but he’s charging folks to get on there.
since he went viral over that massive safaree leak,
i’m sure the goods on a low heat on that ig.
for whatever reason,
he keeps the other baiters vex so he had to move on.
no shade,
but he always goes viral with his leakage.that doesn’t mean i don’t like the other baiters,
but slap gets the bigger bounty.
am i wrong?
was that mean?
so whoever is following him,
let me know what’s good.
i’d like to get some inside scoop as only a fox can.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Where The SlapMyFatty Went”

  1. He posted on his Tumblr that soon as he posted the Safaree video it got reported and he got back DMCA email “allegedly” from Safaree requesting it be taken down, that he is mentioned and featured on the site illegally often, and that it is bad publicity for him. So, he is making people pay to see the pics and videos he has now

    1. these people are NOT playing! I do believe thought that if they were featured on female only sites, they would have no problem. Seeing themselves plastered on gay themed Tumbler/IG sites gets their homomphobic tendencies pumping. A lot of them may get down on the low, but they have an image to protect…so they go all out!

      1. Honey, what image? Them celebs done already sold their souls and also have sold out for money. Plus with social media being the get rich quick scheme red headed step child, celebrities are being more transparent with their fan base. Like c’mon, everyone is cashing in on being instantly famous from Instagram to being in your face on Facebook to tweeting their drunk and high thoughts on twitter. These celebrities are narcissists and very vile. #fuckhollywood #boycotthollywood

  2. If they want to not get baited, then they need to stop being narcissistic thots. Nobody was checking for Rashiki or Safree or whatever his name was. Gays is what fuels their platforms anyway.

    Hell, if it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t know who he or half of these dudes were, not that I was exactly interested. I’ve saw a few I like visually. These Insta-leberties should be grateful for any exposure.

    However, I do think that he has a right to not been seen if he doesn’t want to but this is the internet. You’ve been etched in history Mr. Shakari

  3. I’m still confused. Is that picture him and does he bait using his own pics or does he have some outside help? Because I find it hard to believe he’s baiting all these straight men using his own pictures.

  4. The other baiters are pressed because he gets the guys they SAY they have. They all claim to have such and such but… “You’ll have to wait and see” or some shit. Then when Slapmyfatty drops the nudes they all go “Wow we been had him *rolls eyes*” Then they go report him.

    But frfr someone follow that IG, I’m broke. LOL

  5. This might be a late comment but has there been any updates on this guy? I found a tumblr attached to him where he claims to have pictures of a lot of people such as most of the men who have appeared on Insecure such as Jay, Sarunas, Jidenna, and Neil.

    I find that hard to believe since its been a couple of months since he advertised those posts and nothing has leaked despite the show being so popular and well known for the male eye candy. Is there authenticity to all of the pictures he claims to have or are some real like Safaree and others are made to appear like the real person when its not?

    I’d love if you could do an updated post reaching out to anyone who might be following that could verify if he’s the real deal, especially on the men from Insecure I listed.

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