Wendy Williams Is Out: Guest Host Comes In!

aunt wendy still needs more than three weeks rest.
she is taking more of it.
she’s been off the show since she announced she has graves disease and hyperthyroidism.
thank God because the near fainting spells again…
well she’s set to return,
but she is gonna have someone sit in for her.
this is what “people” had to say…

Wendy Williams‘s television hiatus won’t last that much longer!

The talk show host, 53, announced she will return to her self-titled show March 19 after taking some time off to focus on her hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease , per her doctor’s orders.

And next week, actor Jerry O’Connell will fill in as Williams’ first-ever guest-host.

“Jerry has been such a good friend to me and to the show,” Williams says in a statement. “We’re happy to welcome him as a guest host while I’m out getting much needed rest. Can’t wait to get back in my purple chair!”

...jerry o’connell tho?
i mean…
i guess.
i like jerry,
don’t get me wrong.
he was a guest not to long ago:

…but he is loud af.
i just don’t see how he will do as a host.
will he be doing “hot topics”?
i’m confused at it all,
but i guess wendy ain’t trying to have another vixen up there.
God forbid a black one.
you know she is very competitive about her situation.

article cc: people

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Is Out: Guest Host Comes In!”

  1. Damn… We not getting news that she is dead… I guess everybody got to wait a little longer before this evil person dies…

  2. I like Jerry. I really hope he does great at this. You’re right about Wendy not having a black vixen up there though… but her fans ain’t trying to hear the truth.

  3. Well aunt Wendy was team jerry when Kelly was looking for a new cohost, so this is probably a consolation prize.

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