So Ya’ll Ain’t Watching Award Shows Anymore? (Oscars)

so who watched the oscars last sunday?
only just me?
well according to ( x cnn ),
no one watched.
it was one of the lowest in history.
it brought in 26.5 million viewers compared to last years 33 mill.
i don’t know how that’s low,
but whatever.
our fearless leader got twitter to address the calamity.
this is what he had to font…

…in which jimmy kimmel,
who hosted the oscars this year,
clapped a whole back:

honestly tho,
45 is right.
we don’t really have stars anymore.
award shows use to be exciting because of the mystery and anticipation.
we can go to their stories/snaps to see where they are,
instagram shows us what their eating,
and twitter tells us what their thinking.
45 shouldn’t font because he is just like the rest.
there is no mystique to celebs anymore.
and most of movies nominated are hot garbage.
the same ol same ol is nominated and wins
i read the academy didn’t want to sit through “get out”.
they felt it wasn’t an “oscar nominated type of movie”.
i guess this means “black panther” won’t get any love,

lowkey: this is why i stay off my favs social medias at times.
even the attentionistos i like to look at.
some are revealing they are pretty damn common/boring.

11 thoughts on “So Ya’ll Ain’t Watching Award Shows Anymore? (Oscars)

  1. I could never fathom why people sat hours to watch those pompous boring wypepo anyway. Never ever watched, never will.

    1. Because they want to be accepted in their world when in reality, whypepo gives zero fucks about African Americans. I mean hell you got the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards, the BET Awards, and other award shows that is not broadcasted. I mean c’mon, we may have some African Americans who have done well in entertainment, but c’mon now, we all know Hollywood is meant for whypepo! SMH. #theyllneverlearn

  2. I didn’t watch it because of “Hollywood” fighting Donald Trump and he’s fighting them back. Like, lets’ call a thing a thing here: HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD! No one gives a flying fuck about them people anymore. I don’t think LeBron is even a great basketball player because he’s a politician, I don’t think Diddy is even a good rapper because he’s a diplomatic businessman, I don’t think Jay-Z is the G.O.A.T of rappers because he thinks he’s the gateway to everything black. I don’t think Beyonce is even that bitch anymore because she’s the whore of Babylon and she stans for Hillary Clinton. In fact, FUCK HOLLYWOOD!

    Ever since the whole Harvey Weinstein situation and Donald Trump being president and even Identity Politics happened, I just give a side eye to anyone famous or even anyone who is looking for fame and fortune from regular people like myself. Like fuck my dreams and opportunities huh? Okay, whatever Jimmy Kimmel the punk ass bitch! It’s cute, but honey, I’m over it. Like, honestly, I just want the children of the future to STOP doing things for fame and fortune because it’s a cop-out and also ticket to hell.

    I mean, I’ve heard that some celebrities have sold their souls to the devil and also have given up their humanity to be more. Then they say that they’re down to earth when in reality they are up there with God. Its like they wanna be worshiped like they’re gods and goddesses or something. I know that the holy bible did tell me to NEVER put my faith and trust in man because they will always fail. The same goes for the fucking government.

    At the end, 2010s will be remembered as the decade of deplorable people and selling out. Bravo America, BRAVO! You just shot your own damn self in the fucking foot like the dumbass you are! I hope Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam, The Founding Fathers, and The American Eagle is proud. *does the Janet Jackson petty hand clap while rolling eyes*

    1. You are literally not making much sense dude.

      I also disagree that the movies nominated are hot garbage, watch them and you’d realise they’re pretty good. We always have the automatic assumption that Oscar movies are trash but they are some of the best examples of film making in a given year. Box office hit does not translate into excellent film making. A good example is the 50 shades trilogy. Certainly some good moves always get snubbed in favour of a few less than impressive movies, but the majority of the nominees are good.

      On another note, ratings have consistently fallen for everything from Grammys to Emmys to VMA’s to the Superbowl and now the Oscars and it is simply because we can now curate our viewing experience.
      With social media and YouTube and online media in general, i do not need to sit through 3 to 4 hours of an awards show. I can simply google the highlights and catch up on my favourite parts of the ceremony.

      The internet, for better or worse, has made everything super accessible and convenient.
      As far as Black Panther’s 2019 Oscar chances, no super hero movie has ever been nominated for Best Picture, the Oscars have historically looked down on the genre, so that could hurt its chances but I highly doubt it would. I am almost certain that it will get nominations for Picture, Cinematography, Production Design, Original Score & Song and most definitely Costume Design. The others are more debatable as it is still way too early in the year to tell.

      1. Ummm……..*tongue pop* okay, I guess your dyslexia has kicked in. I’m sorry, but let me make it plain and simple: I’M NOT JAMARI! I’m just typing my opinion about everything and making an observation. If you want, you can email Jamari in private instead of replying to my post about how I don’t make sense when you know your comment was towards Jamari if anything else. My comment was based on what he was saying or in other words, it was what I was feeling at the time or even thinking. SMH.

    2. Bro, all your comments are so aggy and hateful…. Like….
      Drink some hot tea, and calm the hell down.

      1. Why the fuck do you even care though? Like it’s my opinion! Damn! Stop trolling for likes bruah! SMH.

      2. Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t be on here considering that the FBI is looking for you. You know you was shooting up the high school in Florida right? *grins* awwwww did they let you out on good behavior? Honey, you should be thrown under the jail for that mass shooting. LOL #byefelicia

  3. This is the first time i have ever agreed with agent orange. Stars arent stars anymore. Fantasy and mystique are a thing of the past. Coupled with the fact that we know what most of the celebrities have to do to get these awards. Its fake and phony.

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