when your shady tweets may have backfired and causes you distress

some shit should go to your graves.
i don’t know why everything needs to be shared on bey’s internet.
this is coming from me who shares almost everything.
i think if you can’t handle looking stupid tho…

It’s best to keep it between you and Gawd

 tweeter (who is ^above),
wrote a series of tweets of how he he flew someone out to mexico.
it didn’t seem to go as planned…

of him for not leaving him stranded in mexico?

of course,
the f-bi of black twitter found who he was talmbout.
their handle is @9inewaves and they responded with:

so after the reveal,
it all backfored and everyone started to drag donivan.
some of ya’ll went deep-sea diving in his ass with the dragging.
he posted this on his ig stories:

if you can’t handle what comes with insta-fame,
don’t throw your name in the ring.
everyone wants the attention until it doesn’t go their way.
i don’t know what he was trying to achieve with those tweets tbh.
was he being shady?
was he trying to gain sympathy?
was his therapist not available?

It like like the jackal who was dragging people’s outfits on his IG stories during DC Pride last week.

these things backfire and now folks are confused as to why.
the good news about this story:

Everyone he talks to going forward will assume he is an idiot and an easy trick that will fly them out somewhere.
Sex on the side with exes and randoms might be included.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “when your shady tweets may have backfired and causes you distress”

  1. Everyone wants instafame these days. Some stuff ain’t meant for public consumption. Sad he’s kinda cute but obviously not that bright

  2. He is definitely a cutie! Hmm he must be young. I wouldn’t turn him down but we would definitely have an understanding before proceeding. Got me fucked up! 😂

  3. His face looks familiar. Didn’t he star on Pharm? That webseries? You fly me out to Mexico I’m DEF showing my appreciation and admiration. Just don’t have any unsavory motives, 9/10 im prob wit whateva you’re proposing. Just be transparent.

  4. I don’t know how in the hell people are willing to fly out of the country with strangers. I’m too paranoid about something bad happening to me. Having said that, sex is not owed to you if you fly anyone out. I think having a conversation beforehand will prevent these situations from occurring. We are in the middle of an inflation crisis, I ain’t got no time to spend money on anyone who is not worth it.

    1. This whole comment is my exact thought. Like, how tf you just trusting someone you don’t even know like that in a place where you ain’t got people to hold you down? To each his own but couldn’t be me.

  5. Jamari…the guy who was talking to his ex is a bird. That’s corny af. At least pay the role and get a sugar daddy to fund you and your broke azz ex.

    The main guy lied about flying him back, but I would’ve stranded him. Get your ex to fly you back. Be with him. The heck????

    Gay men are so freaking weird.

    1. I’m glad the men on here are adults

      The child minded boys on twitter kept saying “if I go somewhere with you I do t have to fuck”

      DUH. But why go somewhere with a man you aren’t interested in????? Let’s stop discussing the outcome and start discussing the root issue and cause

  6. This has happened to me before

    A person wronged me and I discussed it on social media and they thought they were gonna tap In and have a scene online and I shredded that fuck nigga from his tl to the next

    If I don’t say ur name and u insert yourself bc you have a guilty conscience ima make you see what playing wit me does

    He did nothing wrong and anyone justifying a free trip on someone’s dime to then go and link wit other people is a scoundrel . Don’t let The city girls mindset get u hurt!!! Pay for ur own trip. And he pulled the receipts the boy couldn’t even pay for his own haircut or essentials

    The only reason he was wrong was for paying for a trip wit someone he knew a month anyway cuz I didn’t see where he was cute enough to inspire that

  7. Something tell me they found out they were both bottoms and it didn’t work out. They both cute but you flew them out all expenses paid, you wanted to get fucked down and so did he. Look at the conversation in the tweet, they were not compatible sexually. He finds a date and you laying in bed, I wish the fuck I would! I’m not spending the night in a Mexican jail but I guarantee you I would call the first date I find and fuck them in front of you like you can go.

    1. That’s exactly what happened did you hear their space on twitter? Both lisping and the boy who first told the story said the other boys makeup was poorly done

      This is a classic case we all go through before 25 at least once

      Two men who like eachother online but have zero chemistry

      Which is why I dont promote the verse agenda Bc It leads to ppl lying about their role and being disappointed

        1. I believe they were

          Bc it ended on a note like “let’s not do too much. I’ve moved on you’ve moved on” like they were very much in it for the viral moment of it all

        2. Not both lisping and both being bottoms 😭

          Why are gay men so stuck on roles? The other guy ain’t cute but he ain’t ugly either, just there but y’all couldn’t have made it work. At least suck each other off or fuck each other with a dildo. I cannot with these kind of gay men!!

  8. A lisp doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t make a person a top or a bottom. The thing is, you can tell the sexual preference was a big factor in this. One, when you fly somebody out all expenses paid, being gay and young, you definitely looking to wear that ass out or get worn out. When you both want the same thing, attitudes come into play and next thing you know, somebody is sneaking out to get what they came for. My whole thing is, if you sneak out of my room and we are not compatible sexually, say that and be real about it. Facetiming doesn’t make you compatible. Its some fem tops so we can’t say from their conversation or the makeup. Its a start but there are some fem ass tops out here. I think they both were looking to get dicked down and they both were too much of a bottom to top the other. If it was two tops, we gonna find somebody and bust his ass down together, then make his ass leave, and go to sleep in the same bed, maybe foreplay some more, jag each other or suck each other; we gone do everything but fuck each other that night. Putting it on Twitter I don’t think it was a scheme, its just we love reading shit like that and people gonna feed into it.

  9. BadBoyz
    I agree with your comment. I have dyked once or twice with another bottom that was sexy. I ate that pussy and had that bitch screaming while I was bussing those guts out.

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