when you find out the homophobic one had a dl male in the crew this whole time

lady gaga was running around here saying in every interview:

‘There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life…”

jamari fox is going around here saying:

“There can be 100 straight males in a crew and 99 of them are straight but one of them mofos is gay and wants you to change his whole life….”

that has been my experience.
there is usually one d
l mofo in that crew of straights.
as you know,
boosie is anti-gay and has expressed that many times.
allegedly tho,
one of his closest who goes by “smoke” might be everything he hates?

his long-time vixen decided to spill a little something for us…


  • Had his butt cheeks tooted up in a pic
  • He has herpes
  • Had to wipe the blood from the herpes
  • Claims he is bisexual
  • He was messing with trans vixens
  • Sending a pic to his home wolf of him going in the shower at 7 am
  • Had his legs behind his head and taking pics
  • Texting gay males
  • Acted like he was suckin’ a gun
  • Asked to put something up his cheeks
  • Had a pic of him and his homeboy in bed together nekked
  • Crew members in Boosie crew sleeping together
  • The ones you see smoking the most be smashin’ each other, using vixens as a cover-up

…and a lot more within the video.

one thing a vixen will do after a bad breakup is spill the beans.
i’m always confused why they stick around with all the evidence.
he showed signs of being messy and bisexual but she went back for years.
on social media,
he barely acted like he was with her so i’m lost.
it’s all giving “big yikes” but if this is true,
this is the karma boosie needed.

I mean,
I’ve been around crews where there was on homophobic loudmouth.
They are so annoying and literally bring down all the vibes.
If you already struggling with your sexuality,
you gotta be mega straight around them cause they’ll call you out.

i do love a plot twist in the story tho.
don’t let lil nas x get a hold of this.

lowkey: i need dl males to stop being so sloppy with their health.
pull it together.
there is always a certain type of dl male who you can tell is sewer trash.
you can just look at em and can tell they ain’t gonna be clean (in all ways).

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  1. Can someone translate or give me the cliffs notes? I couldn’t follow this 1 or tolerate the video.

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