dwight howard was thinking about meat and now he is getting sued?

nba baller wolf,
dwight howard,
has had many scandals throughout the years.
he was the typical “church wolf” that we are all used to.
it’s always something with them when that Bible is used as a shield.
in his latest scandal,
he is being sued for alleged sexual assault and battery

By another male.


According to @radaronline, Stephen Harper, the alleged victim, filled a lawsuit against Howard regarding an assumption and battery charge for Harper not wanting to participate in a threesome with Howard. The suit alleges that on July 19th, 2021, Howard contacted Harper to tell him he was “thinking about that meat.” Upon viewing Mr. Harper’s Primary Account, Howard indicated that he was waiting on Harper to send pics. Harper claims Howard told him he was “into freaky” sexual content, expressing interest in wanting to see Mr. Harper’s nudes and “c—shots.” Screenshots of the alleged conversation further indicate Howard telling Harper, “Now I want you to know I’m not like gay or anything. I’m jus a lil nasty sometimes. Ion wanna offend you.”

wtf does “i’m not gay or anything but just a little nasty” even mean?
is it like dry-humping your straight friend with clothes on?

In the suit, Harper claims that while he didn’t want to participate in the threesome, he still arrived at Howard’s home and engaged in “consensual kissing” in the bedroom.

there it is…

The two talked for about 40 minutes before Howard allegedly “steered the conversation back to one of a sexual nature.” Shortly after, a man dressed as a woman named “Kitty” arrived and Howard attempted to force Harper to participate in the threesome.

excuse me?

It’s alleged by Harper that when sexual activities ensued, he physically and verbally told Howard “no” about not wanting to engage, but Howard became angry and tried to force him to participate.

Harper states in the suit that Howard “stood up” over him, proceeding to grab Harper by his thighs and forcefully “remove his underwear”. It also reveals that Howard “held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper” and that Mr. Harper was “in fear of imminent bodily harm” when Howard had him pinned down.

this is quite a lot to unpack.
if all the alleged is true:

Why go to another male’s residence,
who is hinting at potential gay sex,
with a disclaimer line like “not like gay” in the first place?

“thinking about the meat” isn’t dinner at a hibachi.

dwight alleged wanted sex and the victim sounded hesitant.
so he gets there,
kiss the person for close to an hour,
and is confused why they wanted to stir it back to sex.

Well duh!
He didn’t invite you over to look at his highlight reel.

this whole situation seems a tad counterproductive on both sides,
doesn’t it?
let’s see how this plays out in court.

lowkey: why do i feel like dwight howard is a sexual deviant repressed?
that would explain ( x all his children close in age ),
nit to mention the alleged bi rumors that have followed him.

11 thoughts on “dwight howard was thinking about meat and now he is getting sued?

  1. Harper went over there expecting, and ready for, one-on-one action with Howard. Howard introduced something else named “Kitty” to the mix and Harper didn’t want that. And why should Harper want a threesome (with a man dressed as Kitty)? Harper and Howard had been texting each other for months. That’s right; Howard was SEXting another man for months. Howard is straight up gay.

    I don’t care how many kids Howard has; that’s just DL cover anyway. No one is gonna suspect you’re gay if you have all those kids, especially with multiple women. And Howard has 5 baby mommas. I am now questioning all my cousins and high-school classmates who followed this same pattern. The only difference is Howard can afford his kids. Boys that KNOW they are gay sometimes consider priesthood. Boys that are in major denial about being gay and don’t want anyone to know start having multiple baby mammas. We should all pay attention to this pattern. It tells on itself.

  2. He’s oast his prime and playing in China or somewhere. He rly needs to give up the bs and just live his life. He obvs likes puss, since he got 17 kids, so he’s just somewhere on the spectrum. This COULD’VE been a nonstory if it weren’t for the lawsuit. Smh.

    Not to mention, there’s obvs more to the story that Mr Harper isn’t sharing. Closeted celebs don’t just hit ppl up talking about wanting their meat out of the blue. Where are his texts to Dwight?!?

    I swear, these closeted celebs ALWAYS pick the wrong ones. I ain’t saying SHIT! I’m stacking my coins, STFU-ing, and enjoying the fact that if ‘I’m in a bind Nate’, I got someone to call. Ppl are dumb.

  3. I don’t think he’s a deviant. He’s repressed. This is the type of shit repressed people do.

    That internalized homophobia is keeping him from just embracing his place on the sexual spectrum. He’s probably pansexual or bisexual.

  4. It sounds like He wanted Dwight Howard alone and when the cross dresser arrived he wasn’t feeling it and Dwight got upset.Dwight then forced him to engage in sex. Either way it’s sexual assault in a sense. Dwight doesn’t learn apparently

  5. Dwight is the one who said ” …I’m not like gay” not Harper.I think Harper is gay but didn’t want to participate in a threesome.Also Radar Online has more information including according to Harper the individual known as ‘Kitty’ anally penetrated Dwight.There are more details and screenshots of messages at Radaronline.

    1. I sense some red flags in this. It sounds consensual at first because how do you send nudes and kiss for how long? You was down for the 3some because he clearly warned you and told you if you were cool with it. Now we all know you can easily get out of a situation when you not feeling it. You text somebody to call to get you out. Now you saying Dwight forced your underwear off and gave you head. Yet you only filling because he “forced you into a 3some” something not adding up. When you have been in a sexual assault and you file charges you include everything. Something sounds like he was bitter and wants to make Dwight pay. Dwight was sued by a man in 2019 who claimed that was his ex boyfriend. That case was never heard of again and this one is going to fade as well. If you wanted Dwight to pay, you should have videotaped the incident and he would’ve paid any amount to keep that from going viral. He definitely got Millions. If he is serious about these charges, he should have filed a police report. People kill me skipping the main thing and going straight to court with it. Lawyers are definitely going to ask why did you forget to file a police report if you were assaulted.

  6. Look Howard is GAY…his bullshit argument is nothing but BULL SHIT.
    That being said, this is the 2nd time someone is filing a suit against him. He settled the first and now this. Frankly I don’t believe the plaintiff. He’s lying and wants money. From 2021 and it took him 2 years..Chile please…. Anyhoo Howard needs to come clean and live his life. But hes and NBA athlete and its bad for business, his business.

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