When We Role Play… (36)

This is for the Wolves and Hybrids tonight…

meet your soon to be boyfriend
this is him from the front:

cute, huh?
i decided to hook you guys up.
so, he comes over your crib for that late night cuddle session.
you both watch a movie.
during the middle, his hand ends up inside your pants.
the ol “my hand is cold” trick.
after the movie, you both go to your room.
you may just smash.
you are feeling a “lock him down with a serious piping” session tonight.
you may just go 2 rounds in his shit.
you haven’t yet and it has been 3 weeks of talking.
he pulls down his pants and drawz…

he asks to go to the bathroom real quick.
you get your smash pad a little clean when you pick up his drawz from off the floor.
you happen to look inside on accident and you see:

 skid marks.
dookie trail.
shit stains!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (36)”

  1. o.o



    Nawl son. Grown azz man w/skid marks…betta take yo azz home & fix that. I might even fugg you up for introducing me to him lol…but I’m serious -_____-

    I get that it takes time to prepare & all that; I even get an occasional ‘accident.’ But this shyt? Nasty! Ugh…

  2. So that “may just go 2 rounds in his shit” was literal huh?

    Yeah I get its an ass and unfortunate stuff can happen during the sex. But him walking around with shit all in the drawz like that would just let me know he’s real lowdown and grimy with his. That’d turn me off heavy even tho he real good looking.

  3. maybe he had an accident… give him a chance, a real man wouldve gave him a bottle of fleet and keep the good times rollin lol

  4. For one, I’m not hitting the first night anyway lol, but if I did and dude had skid marks, I might just be angry enough to send him home. Yup. How dare him to try and serve me ass and he has skit marks in his drawls. Only god knows what was inside of him. Next time dude drops by I’m giving him the test of his life, and he better pass with flying colors. LOL

    It’s just as bad as serving meat that is not done. Then have the nerve to tell me to taste it. 🙁

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