Your 37th Thought…. (37)

the saga goes on and on and on



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  1. Just watched the video. Was very painful. Thought most of the comments were very insensitive. I believe the brother and the others were raped. Obviously, he is in deep pain. I can’t help but wonder where his family is/was. Could there be a family member or friend in his life who could get him to seek treatment? If he hasn’t gotten any professional help in all this time, it’s no wonder he seems to be going off the deep end — actually, it seems like he’s already lost it. Since I don’t follow the these groups, I don’t know how much time elapsed before these alleged incidents came to light, but I cannot fathom the family not seeking immediate intervention, including treatment, upon learning about this, unless the family was disfunctional. Of course, with Chris Stokes being a relative, I can imagine that complicated things, too.

    I think Raz-B is only the sad face of way too much of what’s pervasive in the black community. We look at mental health treatment with more stigma than we do HIV/AIDS. With the racism we face daily, at all levels of success, many of us should avail ourselves of counseling, which our insurance plans would cover. But, getting people who don’t think they should get a HIV test, to take the test, is much easier than getting a black person to even consider seeking mental health counseling.

    I’m with you, theluckeystar; I will pray for this brother and the many like him who suffer in silence. I know people who’ve suffered smilarly and never sought the help they should have gotten, either because their parents did not want to “rock the boat” or because, as adults, they were too embarrassed.

    Although I don’t think Raz is helping his situation with these rants, on the other hand, hopefully, his disintegration in front of our eyes will cause others who might come to have something like this befall a loved one to take immediate action to get help for the victim and to seek prosecution for the abuser. And, for anyone who has ever been abused or could come to be abused who might read this, just know that there’s no shame in seeking help. You were not the culprit.

  2. LMAO….when he said he’s making them look bad, I almost hollered. He should have laid there and took that dick up his ass and shut up. He would have had money if he did that. Real Talk. Like K Michelle said; “No one cares if you hurt, all they want you do is sing, shut up and make that money.” I think that’s what she said.

  3. i’ll go first:

    maybe i have no sympathy for ignorance,
    but he came off real erratic in that video.
    please tell me i’m not the only one?

    1. He really did. Especially when he stared chose to directly into my soul on that “I dare you nigga” part. Didn’t appreciate that. Did he also back down to Chris Brown? I don’t know I just think he needs serious help.

      1. ^he said someone went under his twitter and said all that shit.
        i never laughed so hard in my life.
        are we scared?
        and, what success?
        he stay begging for a b2k reunion on twitter.
        he said his girl sleeping next to him.
        and more lies.

        if he went about this the right way,
        he would have been a bigger star.
        now, he is a joke.

      2. Yeah the sympathy is evaporating rapid. As it stands I believe he was molested. I also believe he’s gay though and I’m more and more starting to believe he’s bat shit cray as hell.

        1. ^they won funny.
          they made him look crazy.
          they didn’t even have to do a lot.
          they paid a few people and twisted up his words.
          he fell for it like a mouse in a trap.

          he should have not talked about anything.
          keep going about his thing in china.
          find a sure fire publishing company that would publish his book.
          as soon as he signed the contract,
          tweet he was writing a tell all.
          let them scramble and be scared.

          they can breathe easy because no one believes, or will, believe him.

      3. With you to an extent, because he’s acted kinda strange before, but in general I think most people are still on his side with the whole Stokes-B2k-Houston mess and allegations. Despite the behavior people believe him on alot of things regarding that and were just waiting for more details.

        What he did in this vid though was basically kill off the other major selling point for his book.The CB-Bow Wow etc DL part of it, that part is basically now dead. Him backtracking all weak made sure of that. Yeah it was prolly a reach but he would’ve got some coins from that lol. Frankly tbh his book is in the shit now though. Prolly better if he hangs the shit up and gets the help he needs.

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