Dez Bryant Is In The Clink! Someone Send Him A Kite!

why you gotta be so hard headed?
..and not in the good way!

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys could be one of the most talented players in the entire league.  He might also be one of the most immature players.  According to an ABC affiliate in Dallas, Bryant was arrested in Desoto on Monday. Details are still coming out but it looks like it is a domestic violence charge.

Like I always say, it takes too long for training camps to come around.  There have been so many athletes busted in the offseason this year that it has ceased to be funny.  These players just find themselves in bad spots or they are doing stupid things.

For the Cowboys to be great, they need Dez Bryant to be great.  He can’t do that if he finds himself in offseason trouble.  This could set him back and that is not a good thing in the long run.  You need to keep your guys out of trouble and on the field.

I will reserve judgment on Dez until we are fully sure about what he did.  It could be a wrong time, wrong place sort of thing.  It could also be worse than that, but we are not sure yet.  It just sucks to see so many guys getting popped with training camps so close.  If they get to camp, then there is no chance of getting arrested unless they plan on escaping camp.

This is not good news if you are a Cowboys fan.  It could be a long season.


i can’t.

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10 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Is In The Clink! Someone Send Him A Kite!”

  1. I am not surprised this dude managed to get himself evicted from one of Dallas’s shopping malls because of his childish behavior. The Cowboys knew this guy was a risk when they drafted him . My understanding was that he was raised by a single mother who later came out to Dez which he did not take to well. Jerry needs to admit he made a mistake with this draft pick and move on>>>

    1. ^dez is baaaaddddd.
      he is the epitome of a bad boy/hoodrat….
      …who will be broke after he gets dropped.
      if he doesn’t get his act together,
      he will be in the hood posted up with his homies like he should be.

  2. I am big Dez Bryant fan, but I have been so busy today, that I didnt hear about this incident. I wish that these athletes would stop giving fodder for the ESPN soap opera network, to analyze this to the umpteenth degree. Not giving too much away, but I have a cousin who grew up with Dez, and my cousin is not a choir boy by any means, and he told me that Dez was a damn fool and for him to say this, I cringed because of his past mistakes, he told me that he would not even hang with Dez and his crew. I thought that maybe Dez would change once he got the money and opportunity, he did not and according to my cousin, he does not care about any of that he is more concern about his hometown crew. He along with many other athletes do not realize how business really works and what it takes to make millions off the field and this behavior will guarantee no endorsement money when the playing checks stop. SMH, Dez please get it together, I would hate for you to be fixing my next sandwich at Subway.

    1. ^powerful tajan.
      thank you for sharing.
      dez should be an example of a “hood nigger with money”.

      he won’t care until all those people drop his ass.
      it takes a hard fall to realize how soft your ass really is…
      …no matter how big it is.

  3. Um….I just read that Dez beat up his mother. *scratches him off my list for good* Dude gets no respect from me.

  4. Seriously, just typical “nigger got his hands on money too easy syndrome.” The money never seems to humble these fools, it just just reinforces their self-centered niggertudes – Can’t even begin to respect this low-life ass clown

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