When We Role Play… (16)

I did not forget about you…

Your boy throws a small Wolf get together at his crib to play spades.
He invites you and three of your other friends.
You tell your Fox, who is so:


…to get dressed and come along.
You feel like you can bring him and let him meet ya niggas (they all get down).
Your Fox seems different because he told you he is still a virgin and hasn’t dated anyone in the lifestyle.
Ya’ll been dating for 2 months and he has YET to give it up.

Well, when you arrive and walk inside,
everyone gets quiet and starts texting each other.
You look at your Fox and he is clearly uncomfortable.

You get a text and it has picture messages…

 All of your niggas ran the train on him one night last year.
Luckily, you were not dating him yet. 


Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (16)”

  1. But — if you know a bitch/you don’t listen to that bitch/You don’t argue with that bitch/all you do is fuck that bitch! – Some X Shit, DMX

  2. This is a hard one. I might kick him to the curb, then I might not. I hate a liar, but he could have been an ex whore trying to change his ways and thought that if he told me his past I might leave him. I think I would give him a clean slate. Everybody makes mistakes they regret later.

    S/N:I would love to smash Prince T 🙂

  3. I don’t care for liars. I know that we all hold back on some information when we start seeing someone, and that is fine, but when we start dating, there should be no lies.

    I would keep my cool and approach him about it privately and would not show any public reaction. My friends may not know if we are just smashing or not, so I would not lead them to think anything. He definitely has to give it up that night, and we’ll just keep in touch after that. The budding relationship is officially over.

  4. Since there is some hard evidence against him. First I would act as if I knew already and play it off. Then once we got home I would play 20 questions. Cause he might not have told me for plenty of reasons. He coulda been high, drunk, or just in the moment. I know something like this would b hard to tell a boyfriend after you try to start new. I wont necessarily dump him because hey he is trying to change hince to 2 month wait. But he would b in the shit house and things would change from hear out. Even though it was in his past I would have appreciated the truth atleast

  5. I’d be tight, for one, since he did this ish & didn’t tell me. The relationship is not necessarily over (depending on how I feel about him), but we’re definitely gonna have a serious talk & he needs to tell me the truth from here on out…and he has to prove to me that he’s serious. No sex until some results come back…

    Then I’d have to talk to my boyz & find out why I didn’t get invited to this little sex party lol

  6. They ran a train on him?
    Relationship is over. That’s a whole ‘nother level of whorism.
    I can see why he wouldn’t tell me. He may have been trying to change his ways and didn’t want me to judge him. Maybe he wanted to see if I was in it for more than sex.
    But I can’t fuck with a liar. That shit rubs me the wrong way.

  7. I be like well, I guess you arent a virgin afterall. I would then ask him why he didnt or wasnt honest with me considering we were building something. But I mean I would just tell him we cant date off the just that dishonesty.

  8. I’m in the minority on this one. He gets a pass for this one. I can kind of understand his reasons for lying. I’ve done things that would be hard to explain to someone w/o fear of them judging. If we haven’t had sex yet clearly something has changed between then and now.

    We’d have to lay everything out on the table though.

  9. YngBlkWolf :
    Apparently, we’re the only ones….lol

    I don’t think it’s the act that’s really the issue. We all have skeletons. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. I think it’s more, for me anyway, him lying about it. He didn’t have to say he was a virgin. He could’ve said he was celibate or that he just was choosing not to have sex. Being perfectly honest, when he told me that originally, I would have\ been suspicious in the first place and thought he was lying. Which means, he would’ve had to convince me that he was telling the truth. So to go through all of that to find out you were lying in the first damn place? It’s just a lot.

    Not to mention, if they have photos of this shit, then it tells me he has other issues beyond just the fact that he likes sex.

  10. Its the 21st Century – a virgin . . . . Sorry, but I don’t date guys young enough to still be virgins, and if I meet a guy who’s 25 + and still a virgin, well, lets just say I don’t meet many former Monks.

    So this isn’t a situation I’m likely to find myself in, but enjoyed reading the feed back just in case it happens.

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