What is it about Fox tail do you like so much?
Is it the inside

…. or out?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (41)”

  1. I prefer the outside, I like me a nice round ass Jamari, and plus I like watchin it jiggle when I smack it. 🙂 The dude in the pic has some serious tail.

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^sooo Man…
    Then I guess you prefer the inside too…?

    Yea, but I like the outside more. I want a dude with a tight ass with something for me to smack while I’m hitin it.

  3. We like the look of the outside, but the feel of it inside… 😉

    Dude up there has a nice total package/look overall.

    1. Have you ever hear the phrase “More cushion for the pushing?” It’s a wonderful feeling to to lay atop some big cakes while smashing. The only drawback for some is, the bigger the butt, the longer the meat has to be to really hit those spots. If the guy has no cakes, you can hit all kinds of spots, but you’ll probably be hitting a lot of bones. That is uncomfortable.

  4. UrSoVain :
    What is the appeal of a big tail though? What feels good about it? I honestly don’t fully understand the fascination.

    Mostly visual, but it feels better too.
    Try grinding your pelvis up against a brick wall and see how it feels. That’s the equivalent of fucking a fox with no cakeage.

  5. For me that’s not a difficult question – I like the look initially, the way his jeans/trousers fit around those cakes. But the bottom line, has to be the insides – all wet, warm, with that ability to be tight, then open, then tight again. Damn . . . . .

    I don’t like them ‘flabby’ and loose – I don’t want some guy who can booty shake, and it’s flopping all around like a woman’s. I like a man’s arse!

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