when he dl and didn’t realize he was being recorded so he body slams you in “i ain’t gay”

this video is weird and is looking like cap to me.
i could be wrong tho.
so a foxholer sent me a video of an alleged dl jackal getting caught up.
it’s giving “la complex” when i first peeped it:

in the following video,
the jackal was all huggy until he saw he was being recorded.
this happened…

if he is dl,
he is doing a pretty bad job.
are we sure this isn’t a mental asylum?
it looked like the white vixen in the back was wearing a hospital gown.

but eh,
i’ll bite.

1 – Stop messing with the dustiest of DLs.
Please do better.
If you choose to deal with a DL male,
it’s “11 pm to 3 am” entertainment.

2 – The random that is recording should be scared.
DL males will kill you if they’re insecure and feel they’ll be exposed.

3 That poor dude in the orange looked genuinely confused.
Don’t worry,
we are feeling the same.

4Why does it feel like these people literally met for the first time?

this doesn’t seem genuine to me.
something is off but if it happens to be real,
ima need mister jackal to stop showing out and causing a scene.
it made him look more sus tbh.
the acting when kaldrick beat up tariq was better than that video:

lowkey: we don’t font about ( x emmett and the dl baller wolf ) in queer as folk.
i never watched this show but i remember a friend at the time sending me clips.
that dl married (?) baller wolf to’ his poor little white tail up.
it’s interesting the fantasy of white dl males vs black males.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “when he dl and didn’t realize he was being recorded so he body slams you in “i ain’t gay””

  1. Heartbreaking!

    Perhaps him( the Agressor) and the cameraman were playing some cruel prank for “likes”????

    People are really weird yall. I just can’t figure some of this stuff out.

  2. That’s definitely a mental institution and it looked like a staff member caught him because he knows what he be doing. That fight wasn’t a fight. That was that throw yo ass in the room and be ready when that camera not on so I can beat that ass up. It’s giving he knows he has a mental condition but he acting like he in jail and intimidates the weaker ones to get what he want and from the looks of it, he raping or threatening them with violence if they don’t give it up. It looked like a harmless conversation until he flipped the script and turned from friendly to whatever that was. That is definitely some LA Complex shit because dude didn’t have to beat him up because he got caught. Then later regret it when they see the videotape of them kissing. That’s what look like was happening in this scene but he was throwing him in that room cause he coming back to take that ass.

  3. Sad thing is they didn’t even look gay until he did all that.

    Now I’m wondering if this is a mental hospital. I bet there were rumors about the two of them, which explains why the camera man was recording them

  4. That’s some crazy shit! Jamari I think this is a mental institution he has a legitimate mental illness but this is definitely down low man bipolarity but I can’t say for sure if this was the case in this particular situation.

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